Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introducing Francesca Marie

Family shot - she looks just like Dad.

On Wednesday morning, July 22nd at 3:59am, Jody and I welcomed Francesca Marie into our lives. She weighed in at 7.1lbs and 22 inches long and is in perfect health. We are absolutely in love with her and I am so thrilled to have a little girl.

Labor was interesting as it started with discussion of a possible emergency c section because they were getting a very low heart rate with the external HR monitor. The drama included them sprinting me in an office chair from the clinic to the hospital (they are connected) because they couldn't find a wheel chair, putting a node on her head and breaking my water to make sure she hadn't pooped in the water (a sign of stress for the baby). Once all that happened my labor had officially started. I had gone to the doc at 6 days overdue and I was having contractions in a strange pattern. They broke my water at about 3:30 and I immediately started having regular contractions and went from a tight 2cm to 5cm in about 5 hours.

I was having back labor and made a decision to get an epidural at about 9pm. I know each of you who have had children have made your own choices to have or not to have an epidural - it was the right decision for ME and didn't slow down my labor at all. It made the experience much more enjoyable for me and I was able to enjoy my family and friends leading up to the actual delivery. I never had to get Pitocin and my contractions were literally 1 minute apart lasting for 90 seconds. I was at 10cm by 2am but they were unable to start me pushing until 3:15 because my doctor was in surgery.

I pushed for about 5 push sessions of 3 pushes each - total lasting about 20 minutes and she arrived!! I had let my epidural drip wear off a bit so that I could have control of my legs during but still couldn't feel my you know what. :) It was hard to push without "feeling" things but I had a couple of great coaches. Frankie was born without any manual interventions and outside of a squished nose, she looks great.

Next post will be all about post baby exercise plan! And I will show you the before baby pic!!

Hope you all are doing awesome! The next 8 weeks will be spent enjoying time with my daughter, husband and catching up on you guys!

Love to all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

40 Weeks + One Day - STILL PREGNANT! :)

Hey everyone,

At last update I was just a month out and feeling great! I am still feeling great however I am now one day past due and this little baby hasn't budged!

Here are my updates:
  • Weeks: 40 + 1 day
  • Weight Gain: 23lbs (average at this point is 35lbs)
  • Fundus (belly measurement): 37 weeks
  • Had an ultra sound three weeks ago and baby was estimated at 7.5lbs (already!!)
My workouts have been great with the exception of last week.....and here's why.

Three weeks ago, my step father passed away peacefully at home after a three month battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his kids, his wife, grandson, brother and dog and went painlessly and peacefully. We are very sad to lose Jack but we also know he is in a better place and lived a full and wonderful life. I will miss him dearly.

Two weeks ago, I started having major pre-labor/false-labor symptoms and had dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced. I was no longer having the "subtle" Braxton Hicks (Jody likes to call them Toni Braxton's) contractions but was having really strong contractions - not full blown but they were strong and got closer and closer up until 5 mins apart lasting for a minute. I laid down that night to sleep and about an hour later the contractions stopped. And I had every other symptom as well. Then last week I went in and was a tight 2 and 60% effaced. My mom drove down from Iowa to bring my aunt half way (she lives in Louisiana) and stayed for a week. We all thought baby was coming. Then a week ago, after my 2/60 appointment everything stopped. No more contractions, nada. And I literally have felt like I did three weeks ago. CRAZY!

And trust me guys, I have done everything to get this baby to come including:
  • Spicy food (lots of jalapenos)
  • Acupuncture
  • Got a massage
  • Pedicure
  • Castor Oil (yes, tried it and you are just miserable and pregnant)
  • Sex (sex and more sex)
  • Walking (like an hour in the AM and an hour at night
So yesterday I went into the doc and I am still 2/60. The good news is my doc is awesome and isn't wanting to talk induction until next week. I have an appt Thursday and they will do an ultra sound and make sure the baby is doing well.

I have a stubborn baby in my belly! Stubborn. But I am also just a day past the due date so will let baby H come when baby H wants to come.

Here are a couple pics of me post workout inspired by Julie and her baby belly pics! :)

If I have the baby I will post a new blog to let you all know ASAP! Sorry I haven't posted a whole lot - I feel like I don't really have a lot of new news. :)

Love you guys and thanks for all the comments and coming back to check on me!!