Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey guys....

I am going to go on a brief Blog hiatus....don't know how long but have some stuff going on personally and also work is burying me and just want to let you guys know I will be MIA for awhile. I love all you guys and will be back soon!


Cynthia - I will be cheering so hard for you! WOO HOO!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Alive....But Barely & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE

Hey guys....well, I guess they are getting their money's worth out of me with this new promotion. :)

But before I jump into that....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the love of my life. On Monday we celebrated our first year together!!!! And you wanna know what is funny...we were talking about what we could do that would be special and because we are so in love every day and truly appreciate our relationship - every DAY feels like an anniversary! It is good stuff.

This week has been brutal. It was my hardest week at the agency in my 1.5 years there and dare I say one of my hardest weeks for work ever. Lots of deadlines and very demanding client requests.

All I have for you on the fitness front is a 5 mile run on Tuesday morning and another 5 miler Thursday. And ran 5-6 this morning with Amber at the lake which was awesome - forgot how much I love the trail! I have been eating good (not enough but good). I put in 16 hours a day this week.....tough stuff...leaves very little time for workouts. None in fact....I think I just barely fought off getting sick. Only 5 hours a sleep for four nights will do that but got 7 hours on Thursday night and 9 last night so I caught up on my sleep before it bit me in the butt.

I am managing three businesses right now - should just be managing one so time is scarce. My goal this weekend is to get so organized that when Monday hits I can sit down with each of the teams and get help - delegate, delegate, delegate. And depending on how that works, I need to reassess with management how much I have on my plate. No one should have to juggle this much, you know??? :)

Em, thank you so much for continuing to stop by and leave me notes, you have no idea how much that means to me! You are awesome!

Cynthia - you are gonna rock it in two weeks girl! I can't wait to see that new suit! :)

Kelly - your unwavering dedication to your blog is amazing to me and thank you for all the funny videos.

Here is my favorite parody of an advertising agency/client EVER and let me tell you this is exactly what I went through this week. Good, good times. I peed my pants watching this on Friday.

Now you know what I deal with - seriously.

Love you guys! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fallin Asleep During Workout - Ah YEAH!

Can you tell I am feeling SPUNKY??!! Well, mostly it is because I am sleep deprived but also because I have had a couple great workouts so far this week - 70 minutes of legs on Monday am followed by 10 minutes of sprints and 20 minute doggie jog. :) and then today I ran 5 miles.

Funny story from my workout this morning - I have been working like a crazy woman (as you know) and over the weekend we ran a 5k on Saturday morning (so got like 6 hours or less of sleep cause we went rock n bowling Friday night) and then Sunday hubby did a tri so I got 6 hours sleep Sat night too and Sunday night and Monday night...SOOOOOO I am sleep deprived.
Anyhoo, woke up at 5:15 am this morning - had to drag myself out of bed - and went back to the workout room and started my super sets. Got through my first two super sets and the during the third super set, I sat down on incline bench and leaned my head back and thought - wow, this is comfy. Next thing I know, I woke up 20 minutes later. So, I realized I was exhausted and slept for 20 minutes more on the couch and then got hubby up and ran 5 miles with him.


My eats are pretty good right now - just looking forward to really dialing things in more each day as I get closer to my Mexico vacation. :) Its gonna be fun!

Will keep you posted on workouts and eats! Prepped my food on Sunday night - made my turkey burgers and taco meat so that always helps a ton! :)

Have a happy hump day!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Reason

Hey y'all! I have VERY excited news today! Remember that promotion I have been telling you all about - the one that has been pulling me away from my workouts so much??? Remember??

Well, I got the PROMOTION! Woo hoo!

On Wednesday they told me and on Friday they announced it. :) So I am now a Director! What does this mean? The thing I am MOST excited about it having an opportunity to give input at the leadership level. I have big plans for the leadership of our organization and I can't wait to start making changes! :)

Cynthia told me in an email or comment on my blog a LOOOOOONG time ago when I was complaining about having no time and/or energy to workout because I was working so much that opportunities for promotions may not come along that often but I can always get my body back in shape. :) She told me to do what I could do for workouts and focus on getting the promo. Smart girl she is....;) and so last week I was rewarded for all my hard work.
Now, my hope is that I will get some support and be able to find more of a work life balance. Anyway, wanted to update you guys!

Thanks to all of you guys for ALL your support and your patience with me being somewhat missing in action in both my workouts and my blog posts! Y
ou guys are so awesome and I consider all of you my family!!! And to my friends and family - many thanks to you guys for me being more out of touch than normal. I have been working my BOOTAY off and I know it has affected my communication with you cats. I will DEFINITELY keep you posted as I get back to my workouts. I have a little under 9 weeks to get in great shape for my vacation in October! ;)

Oh, and remember the race Jody and I did last year on our wedding day??? We ran it again today - I wore the same veil and Jody wore his bow tie and we ran it in honor or our 1 year anniversary that is fast approaching. Here are the pics from that day and the article they ran in the paper for those of you who missed it. :)

Which speaking of, I have to give HUGE thanks to my wonderful hubby who is so awesome and is my biggest fan. He believed in me and makes me feel like I can do anything and he puts up with me working at all hours of the day. I love you baby!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Jess

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Stepping, I'm Doin the Work

Finally getting caught up from being in KC last week and spending some QT with the hubby. He is the best - puts up with all my craziness.

Anyway, went for a couple runs over the weekend and then lifted yesterday morning (Monday) - Yeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaaa! :) Took today off because I had an early breakfast meeting and then we at the office until 7:30 tonight. Argh. But I am perfectly fine with taking the day off.

See, the hubby and I had a long talk on Sunday during one of my bad body image attacks (BBIA). I was basically having one of my moments that results in me getting down on myself and being too unrealistic of my athleticism and expectations of my body. And during this BBIA the DH explained to me the difference (in his mind) between working out and being fit. Working out is something people worry about and obsess over whereas being fit is just a part of your life so that you always make the time and are ok when you can't. Make sense? I love this attitude. Because then it isn't about being guilty or being mad at yourself, it is just knowing that it is a part of your life. I like this. It is BBIA repellent.

Will get a great workout in the morning and possibly even another tomorrow night. Woo hoo.

I do have a BAD story to tell y'all about my neighbor. It is a really long story but the hubby almost got into a fist fight with our neighbor over our dog. NOT cool. More on this later...promise.

Until then, I am hitting the RACK. Sleepykins.

Have a great rest of the week!