Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fallin Asleep During Workout - Ah YEAH!

Can you tell I am feeling SPUNKY??!! Well, mostly it is because I am sleep deprived but also because I have had a couple great workouts so far this week - 70 minutes of legs on Monday am followed by 10 minutes of sprints and 20 minute doggie jog. :) and then today I ran 5 miles.

Funny story from my workout this morning - I have been working like a crazy woman (as you know) and over the weekend we ran a 5k on Saturday morning (so got like 6 hours or less of sleep cause we went rock n bowling Friday night) and then Sunday hubby did a tri so I got 6 hours sleep Sat night too and Sunday night and Monday night...SOOOOOO I am sleep deprived.
Anyhoo, woke up at 5:15 am this morning - had to drag myself out of bed - and went back to the workout room and started my super sets. Got through my first two super sets and the during the third super set, I sat down on incline bench and leaned my head back and thought - wow, this is comfy. Next thing I know, I woke up 20 minutes later. So, I realized I was exhausted and slept for 20 minutes more on the couch and then got hubby up and ran 5 miles with him.


My eats are pretty good right now - just looking forward to really dialing things in more each day as I get closer to my Mexico vacation. :) Its gonna be fun!

Will keep you posted on workouts and eats! Prepped my food on Sunday night - made my turkey burgers and taco meat so that always helps a ton! :)

Have a happy hump day!


Kelly O said...

Hey Chica! That is so funny, you falling asleep, too bad you couldn't have a picture to post of that. Adorable! LOL
Glad to hear you are kicking butt again, I'm hoping to get this medical issue behind me so I can be back to normal- its been so bad I can't sleep at night - so I can sooo relate to your being tired. Yuk!

Visionquester said...

You put a smilie after every time you mention your vacation. I am thinking this is really just a contest prep isn't it?

Very clever Jess.

P.S. I am super duper bitchy when sleep deprived.. you sound much nicer.

EM :) said...

Hey, is C right, are you maybe hiding contest prep from us????
:) :)
Keep working it!!!!!!

EM :) said...

Jessica, ohhhh, Jessica, where areeeee youuuuuu???
miss ya girl