Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Stepping, I'm Doin the Work

Finally getting caught up from being in KC last week and spending some QT with the hubby. He is the best - puts up with all my craziness.

Anyway, went for a couple runs over the weekend and then lifted yesterday morning (Monday) - Yeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaaa! :) Took today off because I had an early breakfast meeting and then we at the office until 7:30 tonight. Argh. But I am perfectly fine with taking the day off.

See, the hubby and I had a long talk on Sunday during one of my bad body image attacks (BBIA). I was basically having one of my moments that results in me getting down on myself and being too unrealistic of my athleticism and expectations of my body. And during this BBIA the DH explained to me the difference (in his mind) between working out and being fit. Working out is something people worry about and obsess over whereas being fit is just a part of your life so that you always make the time and are ok when you can't. Make sense? I love this attitude. Because then it isn't about being guilty or being mad at yourself, it is just knowing that it is a part of your life. I like this. It is BBIA repellent.

Will get a great workout in the morning and possibly even another tomorrow night. Woo hoo.

I do have a BAD story to tell y'all about my neighbor. It is a really long story but the hubby almost got into a fist fight with our neighbor over our dog. NOT cool. More on this later...promise.

Until then, I am hitting the RACK. Sleepykins.

Have a great rest of the week!


noel said...

just wanted to lend support over your BBIA...everyone has them. Just keep at it and listen to that hubby of yours, he seems to help keep you in the right frame of mind! Thanks for popping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

jess, have a great week!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!

Cathy - I tried to email you on your cgrl account at gmail and it got returned. And I can't post on your journal account b.c I don't have a login and you have disabled anonymous comments. AHHHHHH!!!! Need to be able to chat with you chica!

Let me know if I need to send a smoke signal!


Krissa said...

You sound like me sometimes. I guess we just expect too much from ourselves. Andy and I have these talks from time to time too. Our hubbies (or soon to be hubby for me) are quite alike. They are so fit and it comes so naturally. Its not so easy for me anymore but its getting there.

And its so weird because I dont understand how you could possibly NOT be 100% satisfied with your body. You are sooooo fit and you look fantastic. Really, you do. I would love to be your size.

Enjoy your week!

Fuma├ža said...

Dear Jess,
I am so glad to read your blog again. It appears that you have successfully developed your own blog language and shortened words that have second meanings that only you and your readers really understand. You are so high tech! It was great to chat w/you this week and I am proud of you! I brag about you all the time. Love you!