Thursday, July 31, 2008

Assessment Over

I did my assessment Wednesday and am so happy it is over!!

For those of you just tuning in, I did a three day account service boot camp earlier this year and had to do an assessment yesterday which is basically where you present to the leadership team (CEO, CFO, CMO) and then they determine where your strengths are and where you have some areas for improvement. It is also important that you go through this process in order to be promoted. For me, this was a very important step and honestly, I had NO IDEA how much it was preoccupying me over the last few weeks and month. My poor hubby has been so awesome for putting up with me b/c until it was over I didn't realize how much it was bothering me.

But on Wednesday I spend an hour and 15 minutes with the leadership team - 40 minutes of which was me presenting to them and the remaining time was them asking me role play scenarios. It was very stressful but because I truly love what I do, it was also pretty easy.

I am now in Kansas City where I have been since Wednseday night - literally left town right after my assessment was over - for research with my client. It is a real challenge personally from a working out and eating standpoint because as an account service person you have to spend a lot of time with your client (Kelly girl, I know you know what I mean!). So early breakfasts and late nights of eating and drinking. :( I didn't get any workouts in and didn't eat that great but you know what??? I am not going to beat myself up over it. Won't do it. I have been busting my butt over the last three months for work and will do what I can do to workout and eat well but there are going to be situations I can't change.

Tonight we have a dinner party but I have the whole weekend to spend working out and eating well. Which sounds pretty darn good to me. :)

Hope you guys all had a great week!!!

Keep it up yo. Much love to you all.


EM :) said...

Ahhh, Kansas City. My sis, b-i-law & NEPH live there!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Go shopping on the Plaza.....yahhhh!!

Kelly O said...

Hey Yo! Girl this travel thing can kill ya! I'm fine with it generally,but it is very easy, even with the little things (like letting a workout slip or having some wine with dinner) to slide...and then BAM you look in the mirror and get ticked. I'm not going to let that happen. I want to be more proactive and get my Kick Butt Attitude WITH ME on the road! Heck YEA RIGHT!!
;-) We can do it! We can do it!!

Visionquester said...

Hey Jess,
Will you remember me when you rule the world???

Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and your hard work is just on the verge of paying off for you. ( I have a feeling )

Anyway.. Your job is so exciting. I wanted to BE you when I was young. I actually used to daydream about being a high-powered advertising exec.

Wow! Congrats!

I eat out more than I eat at home these seems like there is at least one healthy option at every restaurant that tastes yummy too. You can do it you need that healthy food to keep your body and mind running in tip top shape. It's not all about the physique...(that's just an added bonus)