Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brief Hiatus

Hey y'all! Sorry for the brief hiatus this week...WHOA is all I can say! It was a nutty week. Nuttier than normal.

I think a couple posts ago I mentioned that my client is leaving and my boss lots of changes at work. We brought in a new hire from our Poland office and I had to train her all week which was pretty time intensive.

I did get in 5 runs - three jogs and two sprint workouts. No weights. :( Eating was ok - probably not enough but I did eat fairly well.

This week my goal will be to get my weight workouts is SO freaking hot here - it was 98 degrees today - no joke.

Have a great Monday everyone - more blogs this week - I am coming back to you crazy kids - promise !


P.S. I had a birdie on hole 4 today. Which was awesome. :)


Visionquester said...

Hey Tiger... I miss my mama!!


Off to the beauty supply again.

Kelly O said...

Hey Chicky!! I'm in San Francisco and its so nice and cool....I can't believe after whining about winter for so long I am now so sick of humid weather.....LOL