Monday, July 14, 2008

Flying Weekends, the Pool & Tsk, Tsk

Happy Monday everyone! It is going to be a doozie of a day for me so I wanted to post early! I have a client meeting at 7:30 and have to get to the office first to print some stuff off. Not so much fun. Regardless, wanted to post a couple thoughts...

Got in my two workouts yesterday - yeah! Tough but I did it.

Secondly, the weekend FLEW by! I mean FLEW! Not enough hours in the day! I will tell you that much and I think it was partially because I got in so many workouts but also partially because we did a lot - went to dinner both Fri and Sat nights, bowled last night at the new Fast Lanes near our house and also went to see Wall-E on Saturday afternoon. I worked for awhile yesterday (didn't work near as much as I needed to).

Finally, I probably got about 3 solid hours of sleep last night because I didn't do what I knew I should have which is to take my Sunday night sleep assist. I get pretty bad anxiety on Sunday nights, especially if I am behind on stuff (and I am), and on those days I take an Ambien CR (a half of one) so I can get some decent sleep and because I went to bed at 11pm and up at 5am I opted not to take it. Not smart. So, today will be sleep deprived. Live and learn.

And I went to the pool yesterday - so first time in a swimsuit this year - yes, I know it is July and yes, I have been avoiding it - and it wasn't fun. But I know this is in my head. Regardless, it still was a struggle. The good news is, I can do something about it! :)

Have a great Monday everyone!


Krissa said...

"...The good news is, I can do something about it."

I love that :)

I know I havent seen too much of your face but I was watching TV the other day and saw someone who reminds me of you for some reason...I could be totally wrong here...but Danica Patrick. I just looked on her site to make sure I spelled her name right, and yes--you do look like her. Very beautiful. I am sure you looked great in your bikini.

EM :) said...

HI JESS!!!!!!!
Dropping in to say, HEYYYYY, and hope your week went well. Enjoy the weekend and get a couple/few workouts in!!!!!!!!
You're so awesome for helping C out with the suit situation, how very nice!