Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reality Check and Check Out Visionquester!

First off, I HAVE to give props to my girl Cynthia. She is competing in Las Vegas at the USA's and looks amazing!! She has truly come full circle in her growth as a figure competitor and I am so proud of her. Check out pics of her at Muscular Development's website:

We will know her results tonight but I am crossing my fingers for a top 5 finish for her! She looks amazing and is in the most competitive class at the USAs! I will post pics of her tomorrow!

As for me and my reality check, I got on the scale today, checked my body fat and took my measurements.

127lbs (not as high as I thought it would be)
22% body fat
hips at 38 inches - the highest they have ever been which I think is a direct result of contest dieting and rebounding. I have never put so much weight on one area like I am hips, butt and love handles are unlike they have ever been.

Went to the mall this am to try on swimsuits and THAT WAS DUMB. ;)

I had to give myself a reality check to see how far I need to go. It is like the game of golf, if you cheat or keep fake scores, you will never know if you are improving so I had to set the benchmark.

And I know right now work is my main priority - I have my account leadership assessment on Wednseday this week - think of it like the Junior USA's for an account service supervisor at an ad agency! :) I hope to make you guys just as proud as Cynthia is making all of us. I will tell you all about it but basically in 1.5 hours I have to convince our senior leadership team that I am leadership material.

I did legs today for 45 minutes, did a few sets of curls and flyes, did sprints and then an hour later ran 5 miles with the hubby. So the goal is to get in another kick ass workout tomorrow through Wednesday and then I am in KC for research on Thursday and Friday which I will TRY to workout but can't make any promises. :) Will focus on my eats.

I have to focus on this one day at a time right now. One meal at a time, one workout at a time. That is the only way I can achieve my goal.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Later gators.


April said...

Reality Checks are needed from time to time. Once you get one though your motivation will kick into overdrive and you'll start seeing improvements.

Cynthia got 5th WOOHOO!

Visionquester said...

Hey Jess.. you already rock! Last time I checked 22% was a percentage that most women would love to have... and is completely in the healthy, normal, beautifully and wonderfully fit range.

On the other hand...just realize that in case you decide to compete when the dust settles from you awesome new position that you are at a great 12 weeks out or less even weight!

You are sitting pretty and don't even know it. I am proud of you as well...

Thanks for the lovely compliments... this one was dedicated to you all!! Congrats!


Jessica said...

April - thanks so much for stopping by! Yeah, I needed the reality check for sure! It kicked me into gear.

I am so happy for Cynthia - she is awesome.

C - have I told you how awesome you are? You are coming off the biggest high of your life and you are posting a comment to make me feel better???? Awesome.

Yes, you are right and it is time for me to start making the time for me.


Kelly O said...

Hey chick, there is no way I would EVER try on bikinis EVER! that is a nightmare! I just saw Cynthia's pics and was like Holy Hell I am not ever eating again Ha ha. You guys all rock my world!
;-) I will add another kick butt workout to my day today just cuz of you!!