Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Passion vs. Obsession


Might have another blog post later, but I had to post the link to the following Scott Abel Blog regarding Passion vs. Obsession. OMG did I relate to this!!! Do I think it is a coincidence that I got a little pop in the butt email from Cynthia at almost exactly the same time with the same subject matter?? I think not.

Click here to read:
Scott Abel Obsession vs. Passion Blog

Have a great day everyone! I am having a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! How bout you?


Cathy said...

This is freaky. I just did a post on similar issues.
My spidy senses are tingling chica!

EM :) said...

I gotta go read this. But I do think at times I personally border on the fence with these two. But ultimately, yes, it's what I love to do. It fullfils me, makes me happy, never fails me! :) I think you probably feel the same way, J!!!!!!
Hope your hubby is recovering well!!!!