Monday, June 30, 2008

Big A&& Bug Bite - Attack of the Killer Bug!

Tonight the hubby and I were standing outside tonight before and after my neighborhood track workout (the neighborhood across the street from us has a half mile loop with a pretty decent incline and then there is another small hill cul-de-sac that has a 130 meter hill) just chatting it up. He is going into surgery on Wednesday to get his pace maker moved (think breast implants - under the muscle versus over) and when I asked him if he wanted to go running with me, he said no because he knows he will be kind of out of it with recovery. But I went anyway. When I got back from the run, we were chatting outside on our two lawn chairs (we LOVE to sit outside and watch the neighbors come and go) and I realized I had just been bit by a HUGE bug. Enormous. And the bug had been flying around me for awhile - buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz - and then today BAM - bit me!

Yes, I have been bitten by the bug. The workout bug again. I knew it because I ran without the hubby. I knew it because I ran my ass off without an iPod or a running partner. It is funny because I have been reading Kelly's Aim High blog and SNAPS that girl has been bitten too! She is crazy! And Em has been bitten and back at it hard core! And I have been hearing that big ass bug buzz around my head for awhile but today (after a couple good workouts last week and tonight) it's official. I feel good about being injury free and feel my lungs burning again when I workout. Love this feeling.

Tomorrow will be a hard core upper body circuit followed by some cardio. Food was on today - maybe a shy short of my total calories needed but overall good.

On a side note, I am worried about the DH. While he is just getting the pace maker moved to a better location, it still worries me since he will be under General Anesthesia. I am sure he will be fine but any time someone you love goes under the knife, it is kinda scary! He is my soul mate and best friend so I want him to be safe and sound.

Hope everyone has a great week! Cynthia - only four more weeks girl! :)

Below is a recap of my workout last week:

1 hour bike (20 miles)
1 hour bike (20 miles)
Golf (kinda counts right?)
Upper/Core Circuits (UFP Day 2)
5 Mile Pain Free RUN!!!


Kelly O said...

Hey Chica~ you got that bug too? Hot Dang!!! I was so good at my meeting tonight - this guy ate chocolate cake in front of me, offering it to me myriad times and I said, no thanks. I had a nice cappuccino instead!!

When does your man have his surgery? He will be fine, I just know it because you two are sooooo soul mates I can see that...!!! He ain't goin nowhere girl! But you tell me and i will make sure to pray that much more when he is in surgery!! ;-)


Evelyne said...

Hi Jessica!

Wanted to wish your Hubby a safe, and quick surgery. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

I had to take a week off of workouts last week, my youngest daughter came down with Mono, but I've been re-bitten too! I'm feelin' it! I LOVE working out!

Visionquester said...

Feels good...doesn't it?

About the lungs burning.... yeah, maybe that's why I am such a slow runner. I don't really like my lungs to burn.

You inspire me to go faster.

I agree Kelly rocks!!!


Visionquester said...

I lost you for a minute... I thought the neighbor was having surgery. I couldn't figure what DH stood for.. like Dear House next door person or something...

Wow... Yeah..I'll include you guys in my prayers as well.


Krissa said...

Your hubby has a pacemaker???? Wow. I would never have thought that because he is SUCH an athlete. Not that you cannot be an athlete with a pacer but in most cases, that is not the case. So props to him for being extra healthy and taking care of his body.

Krissa said...

And yes, I will be saying prayers too!