Saturday, June 14, 2008

Biofeedback, Intiuition and Common Sense

I utilized none of the things in the title of my post in deciding whether to run 9 miles with my hubby last Monday and as a result I am STILL paying the price. Foot hurts even when I am just walking around barefoot - the only time it doesn't hurt is when I have it elevated in a heel. Still very frustrated but what can I do??? Just let it rest. Right Cathy? :)

I did Day 2 of UFP today - just the first three sets four times through. My strength is low and I can tell the TOM is about to hit cause I am so tired....

Short post today.

Food for the week ON except for Friday where I had dinner at Bonefish - YUMMY!

Have a good one everyone!


Kelly O said...

Get some rest pumpkin! You'll be fine!

Cathy said...

oooh sounds like you strained are right to rest it, you can take tylenol or nsaids for pain.
Once when mine really flared up bad, my orthopaedic surgeon prescribed Iontopheresis and it worked like magic! Highly recommend that chica :) Its a topical steroidal therapy so you avoid the systemic effects and it quickly relieves pain and reduces the inflammation that is causing the pain. Take care :)


EM :) said...

I have ran 9 miles MAYBE twice in my LIFE!!!! you're are incredible! I hope you're doing better today! Of course you know how to take care of yourself, but here's a friendly reminder: ICE, ICE, ICE, Ice massage (dixie cups frozen) and my fav: Epsom salt baths after you skin brushing! :)
I'm thrilled to be back following you girl!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Hey y'all!

It is still hurting but I know I will make it! Sometimes my body just has to teach me lessons. :)

Cathy - thanks for the medical tips!



B said...

Hope you feel back to 100% soon

I was catching up and your vlog with your husband- you are such a cute couple!

Cathy said...

Jess...just got your "e". It is a topical Steroid not antibiotic. If you google Iontopheresis you can see how it is delivered topically.
Great stuff!


Noel said...

Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. Sorry to see that the foot is hurting! And like someone else said...9 miles..I would die.