Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Papa's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you father's or future father's or even those of you considering being a dad. :)

Great weekend with the hubby! We went out to my in-laws house boat and hung out all day Saturday and this morning. So nice and relaxing. It is truly like being on vacation - you just unplug and that's it.

Kept off the foot all weekend - and it is now my TOM which is AWESOME! Not. I HATE Always' campaign: "Have a happy period." Are you serious? I don't care if it just lasts a day it isn't happy. Regardless, I didn't feel like working out today - I knew I should have but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. No energy.

Anyhoo, have a great week y'all!

Oh, and WELCOME BACK Em!!! We missed you and you looked BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day!



Visionquester said...

I never got mine... so jealous.

Jody said...

I had a great time w/ you as well my little cherub! We are going to run our butts off this week (foot permitting). I'm looking forward to a great summer!

Krissa said...

Me neither Cynthia. :(

I would be happy if it just came for 1 day. I never mind my period--I am always glad it came!

I didnt feel like working out yesterday either. I had a bad week last week--kinda like yours the week before last. I let some things get to me and I didnt workout much. But I promise myself to have a good week this week.

I hope your foot is all better today. Have a wonderful week.

Krissa said...

I used the word "week" WAY too much in that last post! :)

Kelly O said...

Why can't men get TTOM? they would die whining about it. LOL

Jessica said...

Oh yes they would!

You know what Gloria Steinam said: if men could get preggers there would be a clinic on every street corner. And if they had their periods, I guarantee they would have a pill that would make it go away! :)