Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paying the Price and Motivation

As I stated on my Monday night blog, running 9 miles was not smart. I didn't and don't recommend it to friends or family. Or enemies for that matter.

I did 1/2 mile repeats last night and am now paying the price - majorly (which isn't a word btw).

Here is the math: 3 weeks not running + 9 mile run + 1/2 mile sprints (7) = tendinitis & a cranky me.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I should have worked up to the 9 miles. I have had his happen before so I know I need to just let it rest a little bit and it will heal - just stinks cause I had a mileage goal for the week and now it is going to be near impossible to get it in. :( Scratch that, it is impossible otherwise I will injure myself even more and be able to run even less. Bummer but I have no one to blame but myself.

But, did want to share with you what my nipples looked like after my run the other day:

For those ladies out there, running can cause chafing. If you run long distances you have to be careful of the more sensitive areas like the nipples and I didn't put on band aides. Rats. So when I did sprints last night my nipples were on FIRE!

Was also talking to the hubby about how I wouldn't be able to compete right now with my work load the way it is and he said "You were just on a different level then" and he is right. I had a goal, I had set my mind to it and I was going to do it. And I did. And what is weird it that my motivation for my workouts is now weak - weaker than it has ever been. I don't get it....but I need to figure it out because I think when I do it will be the key to me getting back into it. Don't get me wrong, I have little bursts of motivation and excitement about working out but then it seems to stall out - I am tired and working out just isn't what I want to do.

Again, I gotta figure it out. Once I get to the bottom of it you guys will be the first to know. :) Or maybe the second to my hubby.

Until then, I will keep on posting. Keep on sharing.

P.S. Food was ON today. Yeah!

P.P.S. Did you SEE Craig Ballantyne posted on my blog yesterday??? BRAG, BRAG, BRAG.


Kelly O said...

Wow. I just posted on yesterday's post and then your new one magically appeared. Its like Christmas! Hee Hee!! You know, when I read about your wanting to find "that place" again, that fire of absolute determination - there is some degree where I agree w/a post I put on my blog recently (where I had read in a John C. Maxwell book about motivation - he said, motivation is not a gift, it won't be DELIVERED TO YOU, you have to make it yourself. So START doing whatever you want to do and the success you have will inevitably create motivation.), but then part of me totally agrees with you; that it is a moment or an epiphany or something inside each one of us - that really is a light bulb moment of clarity, and it can pull you out of a "rut" or get you started in a new direction. Something like that happened in me over the past week. I feel more determined and focused than ever - and a lot of that too is probably helped by the fact that much of the tremendous stress of the past month or so is mostly behind me now. I honestly feel like someone could bring me 30 brownies now and I wouldn't touch them. I now say to myself when I want to even think about something off target, "KELLY WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE? YOUR PERFECT BODY OR THAT....?"

Um, my perfect body wins out. Big time.

Kelly O said...

Sorry I also forgot to say how much I laughed at your nipple "drawing". Way too funny but I'm sorry about the chafing: OUCH!

Jessica said...

That is awesome Kelly. Thanks for sharing all that....what John C book were you quoting - I love him. Yeah, something is stopping me mentally and I am not sure what it is. I know myself well enough to know that something is stopping me - maybe it is the fear or the thought in my head that I will have to do 4 hours of workouts a day to get to the place where I felt happy....I don't know. But I REALLY need to get there in my head.
I am so happy for you - I really am that you have had what Oprah would call the "ah ha" moment.

Visionquester said...

Jessica... Here is my sense on the situation...

I sense that you need to do what YOU WANT to do and nothing more/nothing less. Sometimes you have to get really honest with yourself about what it is that you want. Not what other people expect you to do... not what you think other people expect you to do... not what you think you SHOULD do... just do what you want. It is YOUR life after all...


(If you honestly don't know... Give it to God and he'll give you your next assignment... usually way better than you could come up with on your own.)


Take care of those nipples girl... God only gave you one set (I hope)

Krissa said...

I am LOL on this nipple talk. I have never had that to happen before! Ouch!

That is soooo cool that CB left you a message! I love his site and all his you tube videos. A trainer at my gym introduced me to his stuff and I really like his intensity. I am going to use his quote about advanced results and advanced measures. Love it.

Hope your body heals up quickly. That was a lot of running. As you know, Andy is a running/swimmer/biker and I would love to do all those things. However, I dont TRULY enjoy enduance sports. I think I used to and maybe I dont now because I suck at it but its not my cup of tea. :) So you are right---you have to figure out what it is that you desire. What makes you happy.

I was feeling the same way you are now and it lasted about a year. I think I am finally making some progress now with this program. It excites me. I think it was just easier when I was in better shape. I was working out because I thought it was fun and I enjoyed it. I had no real purpose for it, I just WANTED to be really active. Now that I have a REASON to workout (fat loss) its not as fun. But its getting there!

Good luck on figuring this out.

Cathy said...

Hey Jess, you are a great lady and inspire many of us.
Never forget that.
Take care of the tendons too.... I ruptured an achilles at Indoor Nationals years those tendons chica! :)