Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey y'all - I will make this quick (gonna try to shoot for every day this week) but had a couple things:
  • Tuesday was NOT terrible. YIPPEE!! Got a lot done and didn't feel super crazy.
  • I am SOOOOO incredibly sore. Let me just say that running 9 miles when I haven't been running in weeks - NOT SMART. So sore last night that I didn't sleep very well and am in pretty bad pain all day. Taking tonight off and will hit it again tomorrow. :)
  • Eating: ON - two days in a row. Baby steps.
If you haven't checked out my blog and VLOG below, check it - its pretty funny.


Visionquester said...

Hey Jess... wow nine miles is a long, far way. So, like you are doing the running for both of us right?

I love your job and your kitchen... they both look really awesome.

I haven't checked your movie out yet but will do so tomorrow...
Thanks for the e-mails.
Gotta fly,

Kelly O said...

AWwwwww. Feel better honey!! I'm pretty darn sore too from my workout on Monday, but then again it had been like 3 years (or it felt like that long LOL) since my last workout! I'm off to do another one in a few! Get some rest!!

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!

C - I AM running for you but my reason is cause my A&& is as big as a truck. :)

DO check out the vlog - the movie isn't going to be posted for a few more weeks when they get it uploaded.

And Kelly, thanks for checking in on me - you ROCK! I am finally feeling "awake" again with my workouts. It feels good! Thanks for thinking of me!