Saturday, June 28, 2008

Deep Thoughts (Not really but it got ya didn't it?)

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

It was a busy one for me which I know you guys know already since I was not around much in blog land. Here is a quick update: rode my bike an hour both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Mom and sister drove up from Louisiana after the funeral and stayed with us on Thursday so I left work around 3pm and got to hang out with them for a few hours before going to our Annual Fundraiser auction on Thursday night then had to be at the golf course Friday at 6:30am to work a hole until noon and then change and play with our CEO. For some reason he requested I golf with him and two other guys so that was interesting. I haven't really golfed in about two years and couldn't find my shoes so just golfed in my black Nike Shox. :) Who cares! It was a really good time - he was very laid back and didn't care about how any of us shot....just that we had a good time. And I made him laugh a bunch which I realized is a passion of mine. I am not as good as Cynthia at being funny in writing though - gotta work on that.

Have some interesting thoughts to share today....

Below is a post from Body Sport

June 23/08
Erin Sits Out!

With the Jr. USA and Jr. Nationals now recent history NPC National figure fans may be wondering where was Erin Heath? Last year Erin set herself up for a huge run at a pro card in 2008 with a win at the Emerald Cup, a 2nd place finish at the Jr. USA, a 3rd place finish at the Figure Nationals and another second at the USA Championships in Las Vegas. It seemed that picking up a pro card this year would be a mere formality for the beautiful Northern California native. Life however often divides itself into two separate paths; the way we plan for things to happen and the way the actually unfold.

"I have been forced to take the year off,” said Erin recently. “After a year and a half of dieting, it seems I am unable to lose weight right now regardless of what kind of exercise and diet manipulations I try. So, I am really sad about it, but I am going to have to take some time away from competitions to get healthy. But, I will be even better next year. ;)"

Erin will certainly be missed on stage this year by everyone except her competition. But don’t feel too sorry for Ms. Heath, a pro card is still very much in her future, in her own sweet time. In fact, expect this young lady to be a smashing fitness industry success both on and off the stage. Stay tuned to Bodysport for more on Erin in the near future.

So, my thoughts on this.....I find the most interesting quote in this to be: "After a year of dieting, it seems I am unable to lose weight right now regardless of what kind of exercise and diet manipulations I try." The more and more I read about Metabolic Damage, the more I am absolutely certain it is an issue and a bigger issue in the figure community where girls but their bodies through torture and hell to get to the look they have on stage. It saddens me to see that someone with so much hope and future in the sport is starving herself and doing hours of cardio in order to lose weight. I know there is a better way.

What do all of you think about this?

On another note, I am back to training with a fully recovered foot and in preparation for my October trip to Mexico. :) It will be FUN to prepare for the vacation - I am going to consider it competition prep. :) Competition for sitting on the beach with a cocktail! Hee hee.

Hope everyone is doing well! I am gonna get lots of workouts in this weekend so keep your eye out for workout updates!



Cathy said...

First off, kudos to her! She is a beautiful girl and apparently has a great outlook. " We win competitions with our minds long before our bodies do."
And I agree about the metabolic damage, the more we diet and cardio, the less effective it becomes.
I swear the reason why I am having good results right now is because I had a break. And now, I don't have to do nearly any cardio to stay at my current weight. Just eat well and train hard. I am going to save the cardio sessions for comp prep.
have a great vacation. Lift that cocktail glass chica....:)

Visionquester said...

Don't know the whole story about her, so hard for me to say...


P.S. I'm not funny when I write, but I appreciate the compliment. I hope to find more time for all of you soon.... gotta go epitorture.