Monday, June 16, 2008

Envy and Sadness

I am envious of my hubby. We went to the track tonight and there he was - running happily around the track...he did 400's, 800's and more 400's and I worked out my thumb by hitting start and stop on the stop watch - GRRRRRR. I tried to do some light running up and down the football field while he sprinted and about 3 minutes later I started to have pain again. I DID run backwards with success though since it is just like being in heels which actually makes the ankle/foot feel better. I also did some lunges and felt it twinge too...argh.

He did awesome of course. Kicked ass! His fastest 400 was 76 seconds - which is great! Next time it will be 75! :)

I was very envious as I looked at his muscley quads and tight glutes and saw the sweat drip down his face. Oh well, I know I must be patient but I was GREEN with envy. Soon enough my friends, soon enough.

Ah ha ha! How funny is that picture?? Found it and couldn't resist. It isn't me of course (unless I had some serious facial reconstruction, developed some Asian ancestry and lost about 20lbs!! :)). Speaking of green, we saw The Incredible Hulk on Sunday - AWESOME! Really a surprise but lots of fun and super entertaining!

Eating today was ON. Yippee.

On a sad note, my grandma is getting ready to move on to her next chapter. She has been very sick as of late and told the family on Friday last week that she doesn't want to fight any more. She is ready to move on and asked us to call hospice so I know we don't have much time with her. Mom called me this morning and told me that my aunt was with grandma all weekend and she is giving up and ready to go. Jody and I are going to leave on Wednesday night and make the 6 hour trek to see her and spend some time with her before she passes. I will miss her so much but yet I know she is ready to go and she will be in a much better place.

It makes Terrible Tuesday's seem silly....makes all the little stresses in life seem so minuscule and non important. I can't wait to see her and tell her face to face how much I love her and how much she has meant to me. Such a strong woman - six children and lots and lots of grandchildren. She taught me to LOVE potted meat, molasses cookies dipped in chocolate, grits, and BACON! She also helped me understand my challenges with my mom and has always supported me 100% in everything I have ever done. She gave and gave and gave....and her biscuits are LEGENDARY! Oh and her gumbo - amazing. And she would rub olive oil on dry skin patches. Man I will miss her...

Next VLOG I will do my impression of her - it makes my mom almost pee her pants every time I do it - it is pretty funny.....but in a really good-love-you-so-much-and-will-miss-you way. :) I don't have a picture of her on this computer but will post one soon for you guys. She has gorgeous white hair and eyes that twinkle.

Have a great week everyone and be grateful...tell those who mean something to you that you love them and why. You never know when you won't have a chance to say it to them again.

Love you guys!


EM :) said...

You're right, you G'ma will be in a better place for sure; plus she sounds ready, which makes it easier to accept (if that's possible)
I'm happy you & Jody are able to go see her. I know she'll be soooooo thrilled to see you guys!
You fam will be in my prayers, even though you get a chance to prepare, it doesn't necessarily make it any easier....
Or....heel, foot, heel! :) haa ha

Cathy said...

jess, you are a incredible woman. When you tell her face to face what she means to you that will mean so very much to her. Have a great trip! And 6 hours in a car means 6 hours off of that tendon! :)


Visionquester said...

Hey Jess,

Sorry to hear about Grandma... Boy, I just don't know what to write here.... this is a tough one for sure.

I'll say a prayer for you all as well...


Jessica said...

Thanks so much you guys...I know sometimes death talk can make people uncomfortable but I wanted to share how fortunate I am to have had such a strong, wonderful woman in my life! She had a wonderful life and six kids (holy uterus workout!) and I just wanted to share.

Your thoughts are all so appreciated!! You guys are such an awesome support system! Having you is so wonderful! Thanks guys!

Kelly O said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie.
;-) Get rested.

Jody said...

My little Cherub. I'm looking forward to the torture, no,... scratch that.... pleasure of being in the car with you all day today. I wish we weren't going under these circumstances but with lots of luf we can get through anything. BTW- I just noticed your picture is actually a picture of us w/ me being cut out.. hhmmmmmm...

Krissa said...

I was so sad reading your post then I was laughing reading Jody's comment. You two balance eachother out huh?!!

I will be praying for you and your family.

That was the best thing ever--SHE asked you to call Hospice. That makes it much easier. Sometimes families feel so guilty about calling Hospice because they feel like they are giving up on their loved one. It is a blessing that she is able to voice her wishes.

Hope you can find some fun in this trip as well.