Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Fat Loss Is Easy....Once You Realize How Hard It Is"

Happy Wednesday y'all!! I told ya I would be blogging everyday and HERE I am! :)

The above quote is a Craig Ballantyne special and I heard it this morning while listening to an episode of The Fit Cast and it really struck a chord with me. "Fat Loss is Easy....Once You Know How Hard It Is"....think about it....really, once you know how hard it is and how much work it will really take, it IS easy because you know what to expect and you know what it is going to take. You must recognize and appreciate how hard it is before it will become easy.

The other thing he says that if you want advanced results you must take advanced measures. Another awesome quote/idea. Think about it - there are no short cuts. This is life.

Couple things I have (I am into bullet points at the moment to bear with me :)):
  • Worried about my family in Iowa who is getting pounded with tornadoes and flooding.
  • My hubby is ROCKING it on his training for the Ozark Valley Triathlon in 11 days - he is really kicking it up a notch and even eating super good to lean up so he will be lighter and faster.
  • This week I have been 100% on with my eating. I know, it is only Wednesday but it feels good.
  • I need to incorporate weights more - I am getting in my runs, just not the lifts.
  • Cynthia looks AMAZING and needs to keep working hard towards her goal.
  • I am taking tomorrow off and I am FIRED UP! :)
Ran half mile sprints tonight - 7 rounds - 3.5 miles.

Happy hump day!


Visionquester said...

Hey Jess... I hope your family is OK... this weather has been really freaky lately..

Good job on the sprints too.. wow!
I am going to check out your vid right now.

I am keeping myself carbed up from here on out so that I can mentally function.. cuz where the mind goes the body will follow.. My mind obviously went in the crapper!!!

Thanks again for the call.


Visionquester said...

So wait a minute... I don't actually get to see the film??


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

great work Jessica! good luck to your husband.

Kelly O said...

Hey Chica ~ congrats to you on the many successes!! And I'll pray for your family - they will be fine! Tell me more about The Fit Cast too. Hmmmm is this something else I will want to buy immediately? LOL

Jessica said...

Hey chica,

The Fit Cast is a pod cast - you can down load it at The Fit and the best part, IT IS FREE! :) Hee hee. It is pretty good a lot of the time and really good occasionally. I also listen to Body Sport's podcast ( and Living Beautiful for their broadcasts which are my favorite b/c they are really figure focused. And all are free.

Thanks for thinking of me!