Friday, June 20, 2008


I am here in Bernice, Louisisana (even smaller than Ruston) at my aunt's lake house. It is so beautiful here - they have about 300 feet of lakefront and a huge porch we have all been sitting on watching the sun come up or go down. Beautiful.

I saw my grandmother yesterday and while it was REALLY hard to see her in the shape she is in - so small and frail and weak - she knew I was there with her and I made her smile a couple times - I think I even heard her chuckle and that meant the world to me. I used to always make her laugh and smile and so knowing that I could still give her a little bit of happiness was very comforting. She could barely open her eyes and didn't get out of bed at all...but I laid down in bed with her with my head on her shoulder and she laid her head on top of mine. I am so glad I came down and so happy I got to see her.

Thanks so much to all of you for your thoughts and prayers - I can feel them. :) Her breathing has become very shallow and labored and hospice thinks she is ready and is letting go so we think it will be soon. For her sake, I hope it is - I wouldn't want to be in that much pain at the end of my life.

I am going to go for a run today at the park that is close by to clear my head. But I have to tell you I ate like CRAP yesterday. Grits, bacon, a shrimp po boy. Trust me when I say my options are VERY limited here. Very. But I love shrimp po boys and they don't have "real" ones in Arkansas so I said - why not! ;)

Love you guys! Thanks again for all your thoughts! We are coming back Saturday morning for Jody's big triathlon on Sunday morning that he has been training for 4 months for! Have a great Friday!


EM :) said...

Peace to you & your family!
Drive home safe, and to Jody: KICK ASSSSSSSS on Sunday!!!!!

Pictures of the lake please!!!


Kelly O said...

Hey Sweet Pea....I'm thinking of you. Makes you just cherish life and loved ones doesn't it? My former neighbor - their dad just died this week; he was only 70, and it's just that - we are not promised another day. We all need to cherish each other and our lives all the time. I'm praying for you and the family sweetie!
Get home safe!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies! I am back! ;) And have a renewed outlook on things...go figure! :)

Talk soon!