Friday, June 6, 2008

AHHHHH...End of Week

Thank goodness today was the end of the week. Now I can actually workout! :)

This week was a complete bust for me from a workout stand point. How many times did I work out Mon - Fri? That would be a BIG goose egg. Zero. Zip. Zilch. A totally crazy, insane week - probably easy 70 hours of work in after today. Yuck.

I think I am going to have to start working out in the mornings again just to ensure I get them in - which is ok, I will just have to plan my day differently.

Food was not ON so double whammy. But the good news is I have the weekend to make better choices and get back on track. Will do a VLOG tomorrow with the hubby who is doing the Xterra triathlon in Eureka Springs tomorrow. I am so excited for him and know he will kick ass. I am going to bring my running clothes and some weights and workout while he is off at the race. :) Gotta make the best of it!

On a sad and TRAGIC note, Amanda Savell has passed away in what appears to be a murder/suicide. There is more information on the Body Sport forums however I just wanted to drop a note about how tragic and wrong this is....and my thoughts and prayers are with Amanda's family. More information can be found here:

Have a great weekend everyone and if you aren't already, be grateful and thankful of all that you have!


Kelly O said...

70 hours - girl get some rest!! ;-)

Krissa said...

OMG! I cannot belive that about Amanda Savell. I have her all over my workout binder. I really am shocked. How sad.

On a happier note, GO GET EM JODY!!!!

70 hours of work. That susks. Honestly, I have no advice there because I dont think I have ever worked 70 hours in one week before. You must be exhausted. Hope you get in some R&R this weekend too.

In response to your post on my vlog. My movtiation has sky rocketed and I am really excited about fitness again---its all because of those videos. I cannot thank you enough for the suggestion :)

Cathy said...

70 hours? Holy crap! :) Enjoy your weekend and recuperate!
And TU for your comments in regard to my results.
I am lovin this plan and working with Eric is sooo easy!

Krissa said...

You must be really busy. I miss you frequent blogs. Hope all is well. Let us know how Jody's race went.

Happy Tuesday. (hope its a slow one for you)


Fuma├ža said...

Yeah...another week goes by and more working out on the weekend. I love to just chill on Saturday and then pick up the notch On Sunday!