Sunday, July 13, 2008

Triple Threat and Weekly Recap (a week late)

Good morning and happy Sunday all!

I had a great day of workouts yesterday! My goal is to make up for my lack of workouts this week in my two weekend days - the true definition of weekend warrior! :) Yesterday looked like this:
  • AM: Track workout with the hubby (he coached and timed me - no running for him)
  • NOON: Tennis (45 minutes)
  • PM: Upper body circuits - 1 hour
I am definitely feeling it this morning but LOVE that feeling! Love it. And it was also good for me mentally and because I also had TOM get here - JUST what I needed after such a tough week last week. HA HA! :) Had a mini melt down getting dressed to go out last night - I think if I haven't worked out all week I have a hard time thinking I look good in anything.

Luckily my hubby punched me in the head and reminded me that I have nothing to complain about - and he is right, as usual. He didn't actually punch me in the head but still he set me straight!

Today I will try to do the same thing (2-3 workouts) starting with cardio intervals and perhaps some other type of "play" activity in afternoon followed with weights. I have a bunch of work I need to do today - lots so I will also have to squeeze that in AND I really want to decorate my new office space. As with any Sunday I will have to see what I actually can achieve. :)

Food prep is tops on my list - grill up my turkey burgers and tilapia for the week. As long as I have good protein sources prepared I can make it through the week.

Here is my weekly recap from week of June 30th:

6 Quarter Mile Repeats
2 Half Mile Repeats
6 Hill Repeats
1 Hour - 600 calories
90 minutes upper body/core circuits (UFP Day 3)
12 1/4 mile hill repeats w/jog back to start and 1/2 mile warm up & 1/2 mile cool down - 7 total miles - 750 cals
80 Minutes upper body core circuits followed by 30 minutes bicycle HIIT workout
1/2 mile repeats in 95 degree weather - NOT fun - 6 repeats - 3 miles
40 minutes of upper/lower/core circuits

Have a great Sunday y'all!



Cathy said...

Jess, sounds like you are spending your weekend just the way you want to. That's a nice feeling. Thank you for the get well stuff. You caught me not taking my own advice!
So you are cooking your protein? Have you ever tried bison steak? It is my new favorite protein source. It packs 8-9 gm protein per ounce and has 0 yes 0 fat!!!
And because it has 0 fat it cooks in no time at all on the its fast and easy to make too :)

Kelly O said...

Work it girl! Do you have a nutty work week again this week? I'm off to Hotlanta this week, San Fran the next week then Seattle and D.C. and so on and so on....I gotta find a way to come out your way!!!