Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Reason

Hey y'all! I have VERY excited news today! Remember that promotion I have been telling you all about - the one that has been pulling me away from my workouts so much??? Remember??

Well, I got the PROMOTION! Woo hoo!

On Wednesday they told me and on Friday they announced it. :) So I am now a Director! What does this mean? The thing I am MOST excited about it having an opportunity to give input at the leadership level. I have big plans for the leadership of our organization and I can't wait to start making changes! :)

Cynthia told me in an email or comment on my blog a LOOOOOONG time ago when I was complaining about having no time and/or energy to workout because I was working so much that opportunities for promotions may not come along that often but I can always get my body back in shape. :) She told me to do what I could do for workouts and focus on getting the promo. Smart girl she is....;) and so last week I was rewarded for all my hard work.
Now, my hope is that I will get some support and be able to find more of a work life balance. Anyway, wanted to update you guys!

Thanks to all of you guys for ALL your support and your patience with me being somewhat missing in action in both my workouts and my blog posts! Y
ou guys are so awesome and I consider all of you my family!!! And to my friends and family - many thanks to you guys for me being more out of touch than normal. I have been working my BOOTAY off and I know it has affected my communication with you cats. I will DEFINITELY keep you posted as I get back to my workouts. I have a little under 9 weeks to get in great shape for my vacation in October! ;)

Oh, and remember the race Jody and I did last year on our wedding day??? We ran it again today - I wore the same veil and Jody wore his bow tie and we ran it in honor or our 1 year anniversary that is fast approaching. Here are the pics from that day and the article they ran in the paper for those of you who missed it. :)

Which speaking of, I have to give HUGE thanks to my wonderful hubby who is so awesome and is my biggest fan. He believed in me and makes me feel like I can do anything and he puts up with me working at all hours of the day. I love you baby!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Jess


Kelly O said...

Jessy Pooky Bear - CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you!!! You know you deserve it and I'm so excited for ya!!

cathyfit said...

I knew you would get it. And I hope you are going to plan some celebration!

I had no idea I disabled anonymous comments:) Must have hit the wrong button. I will send you a pm at your email.


Krissa said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I am so happy for you!

Visionquester said...

You set the goal... you envisioned what it would be like... you made a plan... you made your plan your priority... you worked it... no matter what.... you persisted, you persevered... and you prevailed!!!

Wow Jess, you never cease to amaze me.


P.S. they don't have scales in hotel rooms, so I guess we'll never know how heavy I was on contest day... sorry.

*EM* :) said...

YOU ROCK, GIRL!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS!!! That is sooo freakin exciting!!!!!!! Hope you've started your week off well!!!