Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Alive....But Barely & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE

Hey guys....well, I guess they are getting their money's worth out of me with this new promotion. :)

But before I jump into that....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the love of my life. On Monday we celebrated our first year together!!!! And you wanna know what is funny...we were talking about what we could do that would be special and because we are so in love every day and truly appreciate our relationship - every DAY feels like an anniversary! It is good stuff.

This week has been brutal. It was my hardest week at the agency in my 1.5 years there and dare I say one of my hardest weeks for work ever. Lots of deadlines and very demanding client requests.

All I have for you on the fitness front is a 5 mile run on Tuesday morning and another 5 miler Thursday. And ran 5-6 this morning with Amber at the lake which was awesome - forgot how much I love the trail! I have been eating good (not enough but good). I put in 16 hours a day this week.....tough stuff...leaves very little time for workouts. None in fact....I think I just barely fought off getting sick. Only 5 hours a sleep for four nights will do that but got 7 hours on Thursday night and 9 last night so I caught up on my sleep before it bit me in the butt.

I am managing three businesses right now - should just be managing one so time is scarce. My goal this weekend is to get so organized that when Monday hits I can sit down with each of the teams and get help - delegate, delegate, delegate. And depending on how that works, I need to reassess with management how much I have on my plate. No one should have to juggle this much, you know??? :)

Em, thank you so much for continuing to stop by and leave me notes, you have no idea how much that means to me! You are awesome!

Cynthia - you are gonna rock it in two weeks girl! I can't wait to see that new suit! :)

Kelly - your unwavering dedication to your blog is amazing to me and thank you for all the funny videos.

Here is my favorite parody of an advertising agency/client EVER and let me tell you this is exactly what I went through this week. Good, good times. I peed my pants watching this on Friday.

Now you know what I deal with - seriously.

Love you guys! Have a great weekend!


Kelly O said...

Hey Chica!!! That video was way funny and I'm not even in advertising!! Awww, I so feel for you!! Get some rest and congrats on the anniversary!! I'm rooting for you girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Jess!!!!!
And have a great Labor Day weekend!