Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going with the Flow

Well, things don't always work out the way you want them to (ain't that the truth! :)) so I have had to adjust my goals/plans.

This weekend was crazy - we had Jody's sister and her boyfriend in town (a really great visit with both of them) and Jody also had a lot of commitments and plans that kept him away from the house so I had a lot of solo parenting. We also had a party for Jody's dad on Saturday and had a house full of people from about 4pm -11pm. I didn't get to bed early either night (normally I go to sleep right after Truman's last feed around 8:30-9pm) so I was pooped both days. Then Sunday night I was up all night (literally) with Truman - he was extremely uncomfortable and would only sleep on my chest which makes it challenging for me to sleep. I can sleep but it's very light. Fortunately, Jody's mom was here Monday afternoon and yesterday and so I got some naps in and was able to sneak away for a doc appointment solo this morning (thank you Nana!).

Point to all this is that I wasn't able to sneak in any workouts after Friday. Which really stinks. But I also know that the most important thing for me right now is my rest and when I don't get it, my choice to workout or sleep becomes a simple one. Now if I were getting 6 hours of sleep or maybe even 5 - I would squeeze in a workout but anything less than 5 at night makes it impossible. And I also make bad food choices when I am tired - eating more sugar than I should and choosing quick processed foods over wholesome whole foods.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick update....which is really no new updates. I will eat the best I can through next week and squeeze in workouts tomorrow and Friday. I am accepting that workouts on the weekends may be wishful thinking if I don't have any help at home and I might just have to deal with that for the short term.

More soon! XXOO

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