Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Break :)

Hey guys!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo very sorry for my hiatus. I was sick and then got really, really busy with work and the baby is getting REALLY big so I am LUGGING my belly around. :)
Here is the latest pic:

I have gained 15lbs total so far. Average weight gain at 30 weeks is 21lbs. The GREAT news is that the baby at last ultra sound measurement (a week and a half ago) is estimated at 3lbs and they expect I will deliver a 7.5 to 8lb baby! So baby is getting all of their nutrients and necessary protein and fats to grow.

I am SUPER happy with my weight....its not jeopardizing the little bambino and I am going to have less work to do because I have moderated during pregnancy. My workouts have been consistent - except the week I was sick (which I took off) - I have been getting in 4-5 cardio workouts a week and 3-4 Body Pump sessions a week. I haven't had to lower my weights for Body Pump but definitely modifying my cardio based on my exertion level and hwo I am feeling.

I obviously haven't been updating my weekly workouts and need to do a month/weekly recap for all of you.
For those of you out there considering children, pregnant or thinking of having another - you can be healthy and smart in how you approach your pregnancy weight gain. And working out makes you feel so powerful - I literally feel like I am going to just POP the baby out because of the steps I have taken during pregnancy. Now, that is yet to be seen - I am sure delivery day will be a BIG day. :)

Jody and I went to childbirth class last weekend which was really good. Probably more so for him than me because I knew a lot of the stuff already but we did a ton of breathing work and we learned a lot of great positions for back labor. We also did a really cool exercise where you hold ice in your hand for 60 seconds (OWWWWWWWW!!!) and then do it later with your partner massaging your other hand and talking you through the pain and that was awesome for seeing how those things help you deal with pain. The funniest thing Jody said at the end was: I didn't know about the dilating thing. :) WOW. Good thing we went to class. Hee hee.

A couple other updates:
  • Having tons of Braxton Hicks.Kinda funny when the belly gets hard as a rock.
  • Getting kicked in the ribs tons! Doc had me start doing kick counts - so how fast you get to 10 kicks after a meal or when baby is active - takes this little critter like 2 minutes - TOPS.
  • Back is starting to feel the baby more but doing lots of stretching and stuff to work through the discomfort.
  • NO stretch marks - YEAH! What has worked for me so far: I lather up my belly every morning after the shower with Palmer's Tummy Butter and then put my Bella Band on - I think this combo has made a big difference in my belly absorbing the lotion. I am also drinking a ton of water and my weight gain has been gradual - two things they say help a ton.
I love all you guys and hope you are working hard at your fitness goals!!!

I will do a VLOG this weekend (for Mama's Day) so stay tuned! :)


Health Girl said...

Yay! Such great news! Glad things are going so well. You are an AWESOME example of a fit pregnancy! It can be done! ;) So glad to hear that the little one is doing great and that class helped.
Thanks for the update. :)

keyalus said...

I know all about the ice LOL! I'm taking a Birthing From Within/Birthing In Awareness style class and we practice "contractions" with ice every week. We use a different coping technique each time and it is interesting to learn what works and what doesn't for each person.

Good to see that you've been able to regulate yourself so well with this pregnancy. I wish I had your self-control. I still exercise a lot but my nutrition could admittedly be better. The next time around, I will definitely try to get both things right.

Krissa said...

That is very interesting. I have never heard about the ice thing. Very neat exercise.

I am glad to hear pregnancy has been pretty smooth for you. It freaks me out a little less :)

I look forward to lots of kicks :) It really is an amazing, beautiful process.

You are soooo close!!!!

Kelly Olexa said...

Knowing you, you will pop that baby out in 2 seconds and head to a Body Pump class right after that! Dang woman!! Oh and reading the word "dilate" makes me realize why I never had kids. ouch.
;-) I'm a wuss.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you are doing measurements and have noticed any weight gain or expansion anywhere besides your belly?

Jessica said...

I have been doing measurements and I have just seen a slight increase on my hips - about 1/4 inch. My bust has obviously increased (about 1.5 inches so far) and my thighs by maybe 1/8 of an inch. Nothing anywhere else. Great question!!
Thanks to everyone else for their comments! Looking forward to sharing more of the journey!

EM :) said...

You Are My Preganacy HERO!!!!!!
ohh man, you have stayed incredibly on track this whole time and I'm so impressed!
You are gonna have a piece of cake delivery and I agree with KellyO, you will probably be back in the gym the next day :) :)


Stef said...


Jacey said...

I have to laugh at the dilation comment because it reminds me of a true story...

My GF was in the delivery room and her husband was with her. He would race out to the waiting room to give family members an update. He would come out and tell them: "She's 4 cm dilated!" or "She's 5 cm dilated!" - on and on - all excited about the progress of her dilation.

After three or four of these updates, his cousin (a young guy) says: "How big do her pupils have to get before she gives birth?"

ROFLMAO! True story!

Jacey said...

P.S. Happy happy belated Mother's Day, chica!

Lissa said...

Hi Jess, Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your news! I will be following you for sure. I love those "progress pics"!

Stef said...

Hey! What's happening? Missing your updates!