Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well HECK!

Updated pic - hopefully you guys can see the pic ok when you open up the image in bigger view. Belly is DEFINITELY growing. :) It's official I am preggers. I only have SEVEN more weeks - can you believe it???? Holy cow.

Updated stats:
  • Weeks: 32.5
  • Weight Gain: 17 (average is around 23)
  • Fundus (belly measurement): 30 cm or 30 weeks
  • Other stuff: sleep was rough for awhile but I am getting more used to it now and am sleeping much better. No swelling or bloating - rings still fit fine. Bladder is ok - definitely starting to go more often but I am not miserable with 20 minute bathroom breaks. Boobs getting bigger.
I guess I am getting my first glimpse at being able to manage (or not manage as it turns out) all of my responsibilities as a new mom. Right now my non-work time is divided up between:
  • Sleep (body is needing more right now - 8 hours minimum a night - I used to only get 7)
  • Reading: I am reading a ton right now about labor, delivery and what to do with the little critter once it gets home including breast feeding, sleep patters for baby and all of the new things I need to know with a little one.
  • Working Out: As I gear up for birth, my workouts are changing a full body workouts are the same in terms of frequency and weight load but I definitely have to take longer breaks if I get out of breath. Cardio wise, I am still spinning, walking and doing elliptical 3-5 days a week. But again, I notice I am more out of break. As I get closer to delivery, I am even MORE focused on muscle and endurance as I feel strongly both will serve me well in the delivery room.
  • Nesting: Yes, you really do nest - lots of nesting. Lots of organizing and making lists of things to do. :)
I am SO looking forward to having my waist back and getting back into regular workouts. While I definitely love working out pregnant, everything feels different.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to stop by - I am sure I will start posting more the closer I get and then soon will have a baby announcement and baby pics! :) And then, I have a very special post baby blog idea planned and I think you guys are going to LOVE IT!! :)

Love you all - take care and happy memorial day weekend!


Kelly Olexa said...

Booka Booka!! Wooka Wooka. I have no idea what those words are but that's what came to mind when I saw your pictures baby mamma!! WOOT!! You are so rocking!! ;-) Can't wait to see little baby!!

Julie said...

I love your baby belly!!! You have done such an amazing job of having a healthy pregnancy!! I can't wait for that little bean to get here so we can have some real fun with pictures!!! Enjoy these days - it is so weird to not have a baby in there anymore after 9 months. Enjoy these days!!!!!!

Krissa said...

I agree with Julie, you have done a great job at keeping a healthy body during pregnancy. You made a healthy home for your baby to grow in. :)

7 time flies!!!

Evelyne said...

I see the belly is coming along! Oh, I'm so excited for you both! Not much longer now! How great that you are still exercising and feeling good. Hugs and kisses girl!

EM :) said...

HEY LOVE, Just checkin in, Hope you're all well!!!!!!!!
Update us when ya can!!!!!!!!


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Jess, thinking of you. Hope all is going well. Charlotte