Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cabin Fever, Fever Fever and one long week!

If you watched the news at all, you saw that we got 22 inches of snow here in Arkansas week before last.  Now, for people that live in Minnesota or Nebraska or really any place north of Iowa, that's a regular snow dump. For Northwest Arkansas it's the most snow we've had in one single snow since 1918 and the first time in 26 years the post office hasn't delivered the mail. This was the third week since Christmas we had closed schools and closed daycare. So last week (not this week), I worked Monday and Tuesday in the office, woke up to 22 inches of snow and -17 degree temperatures and closed schools/daycare, etc. UGH!!! I showed the pic of snow from our last snow...but check this one out - we got A LOT more.

And we live on a SUPER steep hill and our driveway is pretty much impossible to get up and down. So, we parked the SUV at the bottom of the driveway and got up and down using this mode of transportation. :) 

The biggest challenge for me was that I still had to work and that is tough to do with an 18 month old at home. While daddy was home and a big help, if baby sees mommy around she wants to be with mommy. So I would have to sneak around a bit to get some work done.

I got in some great workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday hit and I had a fever, the chills and definitely knew something was wrong. By Friday night, I was really sick. Runny nose, cough, exhausted. The funny thing was on Wednesday when I worked out, I had to really go get the workout. Meaning, I had to really talk myself into the workout. And normally I don't. I should have listened to my body and known that something was coming and I needed to rest.

At 9 weeks out from due date, my body is definitely starting to react differently. I find myself more out of breath and it's more laborious to move around. I asked the hubby to switch sides of the bed with me for sleeping because of my increase in bathroom trips at night. :) But I can't imagine NOT working out while pregnant. I feel so much more powerful and so much healthier. This week, I was still sick Monday, Tuesday and finally felt better Wednesday morning. This was the first full week I worked in about three weeks and it felt SOOOOOO LOOOOOONG. Thank goodness for President's Day tomorrow!! WOO HOO!

I did P90X Shoulders and Arms yesterday and plan on hitting a full body workout with some cardio today. Still not feeling a 100% but definitely want to get back after it.

Hope you are all having a great week! XXOO


Julie said...

Pregnant and P90X getting out the goo. You are AWESOME!!

Kelly Olexa said...

Exactly!! Take care of you girl!! Feel better!! ;-) XOXOX