Friday, February 4, 2011

Previous Belly Bump and Snow, Snow, Snow!!

Hey y'all!! Hope you are having an awesome week!! It is NUTS here in Northwest Arkansas. We have been pummeled with snow and there's no end in sight. I know there are many other areas across the US experiencing the same thing so I feel for everybody....the only challenge or different with Northwest Arkansas is we literally have like three snow plows.Total. And people here simply don't know how to drive in snow (how would they?? :)) so it's pretty crazy. Schools have all been closed since Tuesday. Yikes! Here's our deck. This wouldn't look out of place in Iowa or Wisconsin but in Arkansas, it is. And still coming down.

So my good pal Kelly O suggested I post the old pics of my belly bump so you can see my progress. And like any typical mom, I haven't done half of the things I did for the first pregnancy - like take weekly pics. :) So I will have Jody take a pic of me in the next week or so to share. I am pretty sure the belly is bigger at this stage but I weigh less overall. You can double click the pic below for a bigger view. Yippee!

Looking at the pics, I think I am showing about a week ahead (so I look like I did at 29 weeks at my current week of 28).

So one thing I LOVE about having a home gym (since my last blog, we moved and have an awesome set up - have a walkout basement that has a huge bonus room we converted to a workout room) is that when the weather is bad, I don't have to stress cause I can't run outside, can't drive to the gym, worry about gym hours, get a baby sitter, etc. LOVE IT.

Here's what I have done so far this week:
  • Monday: Off 
  • Tuesday AM: Turbo Fire 25 HIIT Workout with three extra rounds - 35 mins total
  • Wednesday AM: P90X Shoulders and Arms - all my P90X workouts are done Jessica style (no breaks/rests) 
  • Thursday AM: Cathe HIIT Pyramid Workout (30 minutes intervals)
  • Thursday PM: P90X Back/Bi's
  • Friday AM: Spin Intervals - 5 min warm up, 25 minutes intervals 1 min on, 1 min off, 5 minute cool down 

If you aren't familiar with these workouts, they are high intensity plyometric rounds - lots of jumping and leaping. I usually only work legs once every week or two weeks because of the intensity of these workouts on my legs. I LOVE them!! TurboFire is another Beachbody product and Cathe can be purchased on or Collage Video.

Good week so far....not sure what I will do this weekend - probably P90X Chest/Shoulders/Tris and a full body cardio type workout. Weekends I usually just play by ear but definitely need to get another upper body work out in and another cardio workout. Body is definitely taking longer on recovery - feel muscle soreness for probably a half day longer.

I hope each of you are having a great week! Anyone have any recommended HIIT workouts they love? Tell me about it! :)


Kelly Olexa said...

You know I love Cathe HIIT, P90X Plyo- need to do more TurboFire now that my shoulder is better- and Insanity. ;-)

Capital Chef said...

I am currently pregnant and staying active. I'm already strategizing though about how I will get back into shape. I am curious, with the workout videos you mention, can you break them down into which ones need lots of special equipment? I am hoping to find a video that just needs a mat and weights, since our apartment is already about to be invaded by enough baby gear!