Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Soon? Week Late Recap :)

 Hey y'all!!

Crazy couple of weeks with work....of course. This maternity leave will not be as stress free for me as the first one was. I was in between clients with the last one so things felt much more "doable" in terms of being out for eight weeks. This go round, things are crazy busy but I will just have to let go and trust that our clients are in great hands. Plus I will be so sleep deprived I am sure I will barely be able to remember my name. :)

Anyway, I am 37 weeks as of today and the baby is officially full term! Some stats below:

  • Total weight gain 22lbs (about where I was with Frankie - maybe a pound more) 
  • Measuring 35 weeks (top of belly to bottom of belly)
  • Had doc appoint this week and I am 1cm dilated and 40% effaced (my cousin tells me this could mean delivery right around the corner but mom says she was effaced for like a month - awesome :)). 

Overall feeling good - sleep is difficult but still getting some. Still haven't packed hospital bag (planning on doing that tonight or in the morning) and am slowly getting things set up around the house. We don't have an official baby room because this baby will share a room with little Frankie so we are doing to set up a temporary nursery on the main floor where I can sleep and keep the baby near by. I am still tripping out that we are having another baby! AHHHH! ;)

Overall, my workouts have been pretty consistent. I think my shoulders and arms look better than they did this time around. I have definitely been working them more consistently. Here's a couple pics I took tonight after my workout (sorry they are so grainy):

Here's my weekly summary from last week:

Week of March 28nd
Monday: OFF
Tuesday AM: Spin Intervals 30 mins
Tuesday PM: P90X Back/Bi's speed round: 25 mins
Wednesday PM: S90 (Supreme 90) Cardio Conditioning 35 minutes intervals
Thursday PM: P90X Chest/Shoulders/Tris speed round: 30 mins
Friday AM: Spin Intervals 30 mins
Saturday: P90X Shoulders & Arms/speed round: 30 minutes + 30 minute bike
Sunday: OFF
Total cardio workouts: 4, total weight workouts 3

I will keep you guys posted with baby H #2 arrives! Hopefully all these workouts will make me strong enough to pop it out quickly! :) Hee hee.



Julie said...

In that first picture, I REALLY had to look to find your belly - 'cause all I could see were your awesome looking arms!

soon! you will have that new prescious baby in your strong arms SOON!! I've got a bit of new baby jealousy going on right now :D

Krissa said...

WOW! Thanks for posting your pics! I want your arms RIGHT NOW! You look amazing! What a beautiful pregnant woman. You make it look easy and totally doable. :) Ideal. What an inspiration.

Kelly Olexa said...

Hottie McHotterson!DAYUM. Girl, you are one beautiful fit momma!! You inspire me. GOLLY I wanna come see you soon--- thinking I'll wait til you have been home with baby boo boo for a while before I spring some KO on your house!! ;-)