Sunday, March 27, 2011

Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge Review & Less Than 5 Weeks to Go!

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you have all ROCKED it out these last two weeks! I am trying to post as regularly as possible but realize I am doing what I used to do and that is to wait until I have something amazing to post. ;) Who needs amazing??? I can post anytime!!

My last post was a bit somber because it was sharing what happened with my co-worker and his untimely death. :( The office is doing better but it is still a bit surreal. His girlfriend isn't back at work and not sure when she will be....I don't know how I would deal with something like feels like a bad dream to me so can't imagine what it feels like to her.

I also got pulled into a HUGE project for Walmart and P&G this week and most of my week was dominated with preparations and the meetings themselves. I still managed to have a pretty good week of workouts (see below). It was challenging barbecue I was definitely exhausted but I working out always makes me feel so much better and such a good stress release.

I am TOTALLY digging the Supreme 90 series. It's pretty awesome and despite all the little "quirks" that make it less quality than a P90X, it's a great mix up in the routine. I did the Cardio Challenge DVD this weekend and although I was a little concerned over the pelvic pressure, the workout was great!! 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 31 minutes. A lot of compound movements and plyos. There was also a bit of core work however I just did kettlebell swings when they were doing core work and that kept the heart rate up big time! It was very dynamic cardio utilizing weights, core and high intensity moves. But my philosophy with intervals is you can do anything for ____ seconds. :) And that's just what I did. It is one I will definitely do A LOT in future workouts plus I tacked on the spin bike for 20 minutes to really burn up any extra reserves.

Here is a snapshot from the leg workout I previewed today - plan on doing it this week sometime.
Below is my weekly recap for the last two weeks.

Week of March 14th:
Monday: OFF
Tuesday AM: Spin Intervals - 30 mins
Tuesday PM: Supreme 90 - Back & Biceps- 35 minutes
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday AM: Spin Intervals - 30 minutes (followed by 15 mins back/bi finish from Tuesday)
Thursday PM: Supreme 90 - Chest, Shoulders, Tri's - 35 minutes
Friday PM: Spin Intervals - 35 minutes
Saturday: Supreme 90 - Shoulders and Arms - 35 mins
Sunday Late AM: Cathe 4-Day Split Legs Only

Week of March 22nd:
Monday: Off
Tuesday AM: Spin intervals - 35 mins
Wednesday AM: Supreme 90 Chest, Shoulders, Tris - 35 mins
Thursday AM: Spin intervals - 35 mins
Friday PM: Supreme 90 Back Bi's - 45 mins
Saturday: Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge (loved it!) -40 mins followed by 20 mins Spin bike
Sunday: Supreme 90 Shoulders & Arms

On a happier note, I am 4 weeks and 4 days away from my due date with just 32 days left to go. We both can't wait to meet this little critter!

Have a great week all!!

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