Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sassy Saturday Video Review: Supreme 90 Shoulders & Arms and Back & Bi's

Hey chicas (and chicos for those boys stumbling upon this blog)!! Hope everyone had a great week!

Had my two week doc appointment on Tuesday and I am definitely having some pelvic floor issues (let's just leave it at that eh :)) which means I have to take it a little bit easy and not do a lot of high impact exercise but I can still do the bike and all my upper body workouts just fine. Plus I have a few low impact DVD's that still get my heart going crazy - in particular some awesome kettlebell workouts. Love those.

I will give you a weekly review on Sunday or Monday but wanted to start doing some video reviews for you. I am a self admitted workout video addict so why not pass on some of my finds to you!! My hubby is the opposite and likes to do his own stuff. One day he asked me about why I liked them so much and after thinking about it, it occurred to me that I love them because I enjoy having someone else tell me what to do. My job is fairly stressful and I spend my days directing teams and people to deliver for our clients. Having someone plan out and tell me what to do in my workout is very relaxing for me.

Anyhoozle, a couple months ago I caught an infomercial for a program called Supreme 90. I was a little shocked and appalled they would so blatantly hijack the P90X system with their references to 90 days, muscle confusion and shocking the body. I knew there was no way at $19.95 they could put together a program that would be anywhere close to P90X.

Fast forward two months and I see it at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places (JUST where you would expect to find workout videos right?? :)) and picked it up for $19.95 (yes, you heard me correctly. Since I am 32 weeks or 8 months pregnant, I will not be doing the full 90 days program but I think I would really like to do it as a full program post baby. The cardio workouts seem harder and more insanity style which is what I prefer. I have done both Shoulders & Arms and Back & Bi's  and plan to do Chest, Shoulders, Tri's tomorrow and put into a regular part of my pregnancy rotation. It was immediately clear to me these are nothing like P90X. Here's some highlights of why:

Things that might matter if you are a hardcore P90Xer looking for something to mix it up):
  1. It's circuit style weight lifting - no rests or breaks. 
  2. Workouts are around 40 minutes start to finish.
  3. There are no countdown timers for either exercises or the full workout. I really like that feature for P90X and most workout DVD's - it's mental for me but because these are fast paced and fairly short, it's ok.
  4. You can't fast forward by chapter - meaning, if you hit fast chapter forward or reverse you go to the end or beginning. 
  5. Ab/core work is done at the beginning of both of these and much of the exercises incorporate the core.
  6. The warm up and cool down was the same on both DVD's. Pretty basic. 
  7. I was sweating like crazy when I was done. I do P90X circuit style as well and fast forward through all the breaks so the 59 minute shoulders/arms workout is done in about 30 minutes.
Things that might matter to some but are just details in the grand scheme of things: 
  1. I honestly felt like I got a better "pump" but that might be because I have been doing P90X for so long and because of the new exercises. 
  2. There isn't a lot of cueing or true weight lifting pointers.
  3. The menu is very basic. Very. 
  4. People in the videos are super ripped. Way more ripped that P90X.
  5. The instructor doesn't do the workouts - just hosts.  
  6. The set is very basic - nothing like a P90X set.
So far my assessment/recommendation is this:  for $19.95 - why NOT add it to your workout rotation?? Especially if you have been doing P90X for awhile and want something different. It is totally worth the price although if you want or think you are getting a P90X quality workout, prepare yourself you will not.

You can pick up the set at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Academy Sports or online at

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!


Krissa said...

Hi!!! I will be going to get that program...for 20 bucks, WHY NOT? My treadmill died on Monday and I have been in a funk without it. I do Turbo Fire per schedule but I usually do it at night because I cannot imagine doing that first thing in the body just says no. I like to get on the treadmill with a 20lb weight vest, turn it up to 10%, 3.8 mph and just walk with some 15% intervals the last 20 minutes, all while watching Grey's Anatomy on DVD. My brain doesnt have to think...its on auto pilot. It not easy, but it seems easier to me than jumping around and following Chalene Johnson.

So I am excited about this new program...anything new is great. Thanks for the review!

I did Shoulders and Arms, Jessica style this morning! I liked it soooo much better! I felt a bit weaker with less rest but I realized how much time is wasted with all his blabber. :) Thanks for that tip!

I admire how dedicated you are to your workouts. Most people would use pregnancy as an excuse to slack. And you can even add pelvic floor issues to that but yet you are still BRINGING IT! My motivation.

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Hey chica! Exactly my point - why NOT get it! :) You will like it! I just do the Turbo Fire HIIT workouts - I am all about interval training right now but love the 20lb treadmill walking thing. I spent a TON of time on the treadmill when I was preggers with Frankie but I am taking it easy right now with my pelvic floor stuff. :) I am glad you liked the P90X Jessica style - I love that I am sweaty after it but yes, I also don't feel as strong. You look so beautiful and I know you are rocking the hot bod even if you don't think you are!! XXOO

Kelly Olexa said...

You are simply the BOMB baby. ;-) I gotta check this program out for sure, especially since I'm looking to really transition out of the gym..heck I'm paying for a gym membership now and I'm NEVER HOME TO USE IT!! Silly! ;-(
Can't wait to see you pumpkin!