Sunday, March 8, 2009

Night on the Town and Lovin My Baby Bump!

Weight gain to date: 9lbs

Hey y'all!!! Happy Day Light Savings Time!!! Do you love Springing forward or hate it? I personally think they should do away with Day Light Savings Time (DLST)... it was invented for farmers that now use equipment with lights so why can't we just NOT have DLST? Help a sister out - if any one knows of another reason I would love to hear it. And from what I understand, it is really hard to get your kids back on a schedule after DLST.

Check out new baby bump pic above...definitely starting to bump out more and more. I am actually loving this stage with two exceptions: 1) I am not quite big enough to fill out my maternity clothes and not small enough to wear my old clothes. 2) I get full really easily. And by the end of the day, I feel like I swallowed a basketball - I have no room left. BUT other than that, pregnancy is awesome. I feel so blessed and lucky. I had a week of drama but in 22 weeks, a week of drama is pretty easy to deal with. And the baby is moving like crazy - before it just felt like little flutters and now it is full out karate practice happening inside my belly. :) So much fun. Jody hasn't felt it yet - but I am sure he will soon - just have to time the baby moving to his hand on my belly right!

The other pics are of me ready for date night with my hubby so you could see what I look like preggers in regular clothes. The shirt is actually a shirt I have from pre-pregnancy - ruched shirts are the BEST! They show your curves but not every bump and lump. And those pants I have on are the absolutely BEST. They are from Japanese Weekend and are their luxe jersey gaucho pants. At $56 they are a little pricey but TOTALLY worth it. So cute cause you can wear them with heels, boots, flip flops...really anything. And SO comfortable. And the only reason they are maternity is because of the soft band at the waist that you can roll - but I will totally wear these post pregnancy. It is kinda fun to wear clothes now since I LOOK pregnant. :) BTW, I had a WONDERFUL date night with my hubby - very romantic. Everyone needs date night now and then!

My workouts are feeling really good...I have had a really good week this week. I am entering in my workout for today as "planned" and will update it tonight if I don't adhere. :) Eats are good too....just a couple of cheat meals - I may even switch to 7-8 meals a day just because of how "full" I feel. Here is my weekly recap:

Week of March 2nd:
Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.4 MPH, 45 mins AM; Body Pump 60 minutes PM
Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.4 MPH, 45 mins AM;
OFF (not feeling 100%)
Thursday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.4 MPH, 45 mins AM; Body Pump 60 minutes LUNCH
Friday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.4 MPH, 45 mins AM
Saturday: SPIN class, 45 mins AM; Body Pump 65 mins PM
Sunday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.4 MPH, 45 mins & 30 minutes yoga

Running Weekly Totals:
6 cardio
3 lift: 3 Body Pump;
1 stretch
1 day off

Now, on to the Arnold....I will do another post this week on my thoughts about the Arnold placings however I want to say congrats to all the competitors! All of them looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL - stunning! I am not sure what I think of the bikini competition and clearly they are rewarding softer looks in figure. A HUGE congratultions to Stacey and Tina who looked so beautiful and got up on stage and rocked it!!! Nice job ladies!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep up the hard work - the year is almost 1/4 of the way through - are you on track to reach your goals????



April said...

I HATE DST. There is NO reason for it now days. People who are for it like to golf. That's the ONLY reason :) Being from Indiana we just started it 2 years ago so i'm still getting use to it.

You look so cute!

EM :) said...

I hope Date Night was ohhh soo fab as well!

And springing forward? It's great because then it's still light when I'm done teaching bootcamp at 8pm!

But yeah, other than that, it's kinda lame!

Have a great week!!!!!!!

Sherry said...

You look amazing! WOW! That's all I can say.

I hate DST. It takes months for me to adjust then it's time to switch back.

Julie said...

You look so fabulous!! I had very few opportunities to dress up when I was pregnant, but I sure wish I had looked like you when I did!! Glamorous!

regarding your question about swimming during my pregs - I did not.
I just took up swimming last year when I decided to try a tri :o)
I bet you'll love it, though. I took lots and lots and lots of baths. The water just felt so good when I was pregnant...'til the tub became too small - yikes!

Jehanne said...

You are looking awesome!!!!!!!!!! Love the baby bump pics - must be such an amazing feeling! Hot mamma :)

LAT GIRL said...

I just love the baby bump pictures!!! I swear you have not gained any weight except for that cute little bump in the belly.......and the workouts are great, kindof making me feel like a slacker on the Cardio, I really need to start kicking things up a notch!

Glad you had a romantic night with the hubby, I think maybe next weekend I need to get a sitter and have one of those romantic nights also!

Have a great week Jessica,

Lisa T.

Krissa said...

You look so great. I mean, amazing. Such a pretty momma.

DLST is for energy conservation. Less use of lights etc... Plus, it is proven that less car accidents happen when it is light outside so it helps there too. I love it.

B said...

you look soooo pretty!!!

Kelly Olexa said...


Abby said...

You look great!!

Yep, Daylight Saving Time is supposed to help save on energy bills. But I was used to it getting light out in the morning when I was getting home from the gym! Now it's dark again. Blah!

Tawana said...

I am very impressed-you're working out harder than most people I know-preggers or not! :) Great pics!

prettyface said...

Hi! Just happened to find your blog and I found it interesting that you workout so hard pregnant. Did your doctor tell you that's cool? if so that's awesome! I always wondered if you could. :-)

Lia Halsall said...

Like everyone's already said you do look fabulous. Fabulous, fit, healthy and pregnant, you have it all. :o)

Lia xxx