Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monthly Recap and Baby Bump 20.5 Weeks!

Hey y'all! New bump pics for you....Kinda funny week 20.5 looks less bumpy that week 19.5. Funny huh? Who knows - maybe I ate more last week..?? ;) I will have Jody take a pic of me in my maternity clothes on the way to work one of these days and post it for you since it is weird to see me in maternity clothes versus my green (GRRR!) shorts and blue tank. :)

I hope everyone had an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend! I certainly did...hanging with the hubby and feeling like $1 million bucks! :) I can't tell you the peace of mind I got from the Thursday ultra sound and talking to smart docs. I have had a couple great workouts and plan to get back to my normal regimen tomorrow. Plus I will dial in my eating back in...for me, when I can't work out, I struggle with eating super healthy which is actually silly b/c if I could eat good I can stop whatever ill effects I could have from not working out. But it's mental so what can you do??

I can't believe the Arnold is NEXT weekend!! A huge shout out to Tina and Stacey who are competing at the show! You guys are going to ROCK IT! Someone please stop by Carla Sanchez's VPX booth and tell her Jessica said hi - she has been so awesome to talk to during my pregnancy and I am sure she is absolutely gorgeous in person!

Below is my monthly recap for February. I technically took off two full weeks (with a smattering of workouts during those two weeks) and since February is a short month, it was definitely not my best in terms of total number of workouts. BUT with the complications I had which cause the two weeks off I am absolutely 100% OK with taking that time off. What is most important is the bambino and taking care of my precious cargo. :) And God forbid, if I have anything else happen, I will be happy to take more time off. My goal is to be healthy and active and share my journey of pregnancy fitness and my post postpartum rebound.

So here is how February shaped up:

Monthly totals for February:

  • Total days in month: 28
  • Total cardio: 16
  • Total lifts: 14
  • Yoga/stretching: 3
  • Days off: 8

Compared to monthly totals for January:

  • Total days: 31
  • Total cardio: 31
  • Total lifts: 18
  • Yoga/stretching: 3
  • Days off: 3

Difference in January vs. February:

  • 3 less days in the month!
  • 15 fewer cardio sessions
  • 4 fewer lift/weight training sessions
  • Same number of yoga stretching
  • 5 additional days off

And here is the weekly detail of my workouts!
Week of February 23rd:
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Biceps (light)
Wednesday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.2 MPH, 30 mins
Thursday: Body Pump 60 mins
Friday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.2 MPH, 30 mins
Saturday: Treadmill, 10% incline, 4.2 MPH, 30 mins; 60 mins Vinyasa Yoga
Sunday: Biceps/triceps

Running Weekly Totals:
3 cardio
3 lift: 1 Body Pump, 2 bi's, tris
1 stretch: 1 yoga
1 day off

Week of February 16th:
Monday-Friday: OFF (rest and recovery on doc's orders)
Saturday: Biceps and shoulders - 45 minutes
Sunday: Light leg workout - 30 mins, Elliptical - 30 mins.

Running Weekly Totals:
2 cardio
2 lift: 1 bi's/shoulders & 1 legs
5 days off

Week of February 9th:
Monday: 45 minute treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM; Body Pump 60 mins plus 15 mins stability ball abs PM
Tuesday: Yoga 30 mins AM; Shoulders/abs 40 minutes & 30 minutes elliptical PM
Wednesday: 45 minute treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM; Body Pump 60 mins PM
Thursday: OFF (yeah! :))
Friday: 55 minute SPIN AM;
Saturday: 45 minute SPIN AM
Sunday: OFF

Running Weekly Totals:
5 cardio
3 lift: 2 Body Pump; 1 shoulder
1 stretch
2 days off

Week of Feb 2nd:
Monday: 45 minute treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM
Tuesday: Shoulders - 45 mins PM
Wednesday: 45 minute treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM; Body Pump 60 mins PM
Thursday: 45 minutes treadmill @10% incline 4.4 MPH AM; Spin class PM
Friday: 70 minute Body Pump workout (double arms) followed by 30 minute steady state cardio PM
Saturday: 45 minute AWESOME SPIN class! AM
Sunday: DOUBLE Body Pump - 1 hr, 45 mins WHEW

Running Weekly Totals:
6 cardio
5 lift: 4 Body Pump, 1 body part :)
0 stretch
0 days off

Have a great week everyone! Love you guys!


LAT GIRL said...

I swear you can still see Abs! Some would say that is just not right at 20.5 weeks.....however I know they are well earned! Keep up the awesome job pretty soon you'll be running around with the baby strapped to you working out! Hey you know that would be a great exercise......with the extra weight of the baby on your back in a little back pack doing pull ups! Just a thought for later when your a multi tasking mama!

Krissa said...

I was thinking the same thing as above. It looks like the little one is just pushing those abs out a little further. No round bump really. You look great.

It still looks like you did a good job with your workouts!

Julie said...

You are looking amazing!!

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I love when you do a little blog catch-up and I open my e-mail to like 6 messages from you :o)

April said...

Yep, I still see the abs too!

I'll try and tell Carla you said hi!!

Jody said...

My Cherub!

I felt like a billion bucks hanging out with you this weekend. I miss you terribly and I look forward to later this week when I'm no longer a prisoner!!! I agree w/ the fellow bloggers-- you look great!


Tressa said...

hey girl! you're looking fab! keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely beautiful! And yes...tummy muscles still look tight! You are gonna rock it after that baby is born....just watch!

I am so happy that you have peace of mind...finally. That is so important, especially at this stage. I don't know who that BOOB was that you started out with, but I'm glad you are on the right track now!

Your work-outs STILL continue to look better than mine. Pregnant and all, you should be coaching me.

Much love and hugs to you! Keep on smiling and rubbin' that belly! Baby Peanut hears and feels everything that's goin' on!!!!

LeAnn said...

ooooops! That last comment was me!!!!!

Cathy said...

Hey Chica...glad to hear you are feeling up.

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing a fabulous job Jess. You're so very active and organised, well done. You're still looking great and I'm sure you're feeling it all things considered. :o)

Lia xxx

Jessica said...

Thank you guys for all the wonderful comments!!! You guys inspire and motivate me EVERY DAY!!! Thanks for following along on my baby journey!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a GREAT WEEK!

Much love,