Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grinning Ear to Ear and New Ultra Sound Pics! :)

Tummy, leg and foot!

Profile. Think he/she has my nose?? :)

Profile and thumb sucking.

Ahhhhh.........mental relief. I had my level II ultra sound today with people that have a brain and actually know what they are talking about! :) It was at a separate facility and they teleconference with the main hospital in Little Rock to a physician there who is trained and specializes in reading ultra sounds.

I am happy to report our little baby is 100% healthy (barring any enzyme or blood disorders that can't be detected by the ultra sound!)!! The baby is growing exactly at the rate it should be....and everything is in perfect proportion. :) YEAH!!! I looked away when they verified gender...I am so looking forward to our suprise! For the record, I have said all along it's a boy. Keep having boy dreams. :)

The other good news is that the fibroid is getting smaller and is in the BEST location possible - right under my belly button. So, they don't think it will interfere with delivery or the baby for the duration of the pregnancy. The doc said there MAY be some additional pain and discomfort on and off as a result of the fibroid and they can treat the symptoms but can't do anything about the fibroid. Because it is shrinking, the likelihood of pain or other complications is low. My pre-term labor contractions two weekends ago were from the blood supply getting cut off to the fibroid and causing it to degenerate (as I read online). They ALSO said every thing else looked great and they told me it is A-OK to exercise!

I walked out of the appointment floating with happiness...our baby's heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys, skull, legs, arms, face...all are perfect! Such a relief. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I couldn't stop smiling. Unfortunately the DH was out of town and I tried to reschedule the appt but they couldn't get me in until April. Yikes. But I got some great pics and he was just happy to hear all is well.

Got home tonight and did Body, I missed working out. Felt really good. Kept my weight moderate and really watched myself on some of the exercises. I am going to do some treadmill time in the am and see how that feels.

Hope you guys are having a kick ass week! Since I am back at the workouts, I will be keeping my rolling log updated on the right side of the blog. :)

Love you guys!


noel said...

Congrats a great apt and I am so happy to hear that the baby is doing well. We didn't find out the sex of any of our children..sooooooooooooo fun!!

Jacey said...

That is fabulous news - what a huge relief! Congrats. Now get some much needed rest and enjoy your little boy dreams.

LAT GIRL said...

Love the Baby Pictures! Have you thought about 3D? That is always so cool when the little bambino get a little bigger and you can actually see features. My babies always looked like they had the biggest melons ever which made me really scared for when they came out if you know what I mean!

Julie said...

Wonderful news!!! What a beauty that baby is!!

I'm so happy you got some relief of your fears. Enjoy your weekend!


Jessica said...


that's so cool! I've never been able to make out where the baby is with my sister's ultrasounds. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

LeAnn said...

OMG...I am so sorry that I haven't been in touch. I've been side-lined planning a reunion and have spent every waking moment on it! I came to your blog and realized that I have missed so much!!!
Bless your heart! All I can say is: Thank God you have moved on to another physician who knows what the Hell they are doing! just makes me shake to think of that Doctor and her ignorance...and that is purely what it was!
I love the pictures. They brought tears to my eyes. I can already tell that the baby looks like! I personally think it will be a girl...and I'll tell you why a little bit later.
I'm so glad that you are doing so much better. You look wonderful, baby looks wonderful and being able to continue your work-outs will help tremendously with your sense of well-being. (plus, I'm sure baby was missing that rockin' and rollin' sensation!)
My thoughts and prayers are with they always have been. I have been a negligent friend and for that I am sorry!
Big hugs...and I'm keeping my eye on you from now on!!!!

Abby said...

That's fantastic news! Great pictures, too!

Krissa said...

That is toooo sweet. I used to have so much trouble figuring out what I was actually seeing in those US pics but I get it now. I am very happy that your little one is very healthy. We cannot wait to meet him/her.

I am glad the fibroid is shrinking.

Any names yet?

Kim said...

My heart is beating SO FAST just reading your post! What an amazing journey you are taking us on. The ultra sound pics are precious...can you believe it? A little being right inside? :) A true miracle in the making. Enjoy these last few weeks!