Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Difference Two Weeks Made!! New BUMP Pics!

I told you guys my bump popped! Holy cow! It looks so crazy in just two weeks! WHOA! :) Kinda fun though...I am actually starting to look a little pregnant. Which I opposed to looking chubby - I like pregnant! :) And I wore maternity clothes last week which was a little weird. Click on the pic above if you want to see it BIGGER!

I wanted to thank EACH of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. As I have said 1,000 times, I am so lucky to have you all in my life and I am blessed to have this support system. I only shared the story with you b/c I knew you would each view it with compassion and empathy. I am sure your prayers and thoughts are one of the reasons nothing more has happened. :)

I am feeling SOOOOOO much better - no thanks to my old doc. I have slept the last three nights without hardly any discomfort or pain (night time was always when the pain peaked) and haven't had to take anything for the pain. I don't feel 100% but I feel about 90% which is awesome. Makes me very happy. Yesterday I was much more active than I have been any other day this week - just standing more, walking around the house, cleaning, etc. I also decided to go to the gym with Jody and just lift some really light weights and do exercises that don't involve the core or the pelvic area. I did seated bicep curls with 10lbs, seated overhead presses with 15lbs and dips. I also did straight bar curls and then did overhead presses with a straight bar. FELT GREAT!! I was definitely paying very close attention to my body and I didn't feel any strain or tension. When I spoke with the nurse at my new doc's office, she told me to do light exercise and just pay close attention to how I was feeling - and that's just what I did. :) Man, I miss working out. Holy cow

For those of you who DIDN'T see what I put in comments from my last is what I know so far doing my own research online:

have a uterine fibroid, roughly the size of a small tangerine. Fibroids are fairly normal for a lot of women however most don't know they have them and with pregnancy, the hormones that "grow" the uterus also "grow" the fibroid. What I read this week (on forums and websites) is that usually fibroids stop growing after about 4-5 months and sometimes at that same time the blood supply gets cut off to the fibroid and then the fibroid starts to degenerate which is what causes the pain. This is just one option.

The other option is that the fibroid is just causing massive discomfort and pain because of HOW it is attached to my uterus. I read a terrible forum post about a woman 19.5 weeks along who miscarried after having a week of intense pain as a result of her fibroid and the doctor ignoring her concerns. It just infuriates me that I had to find that information on my OWN and that I don't know anything more about how my fibroid is affecting me.

The good news is I see the new doc a week from Monday and the nurse there was reviewing my chart in its entirety and will call me tomorrow if she sees any reason for me to come in ASAP.

So the hubby pointed out something pretty insightful...I have done a crappy job of showing my weight gain over pregnancy which is probably something you guys and other pregger women want to see. So here is my weight in a little chart for you:

I don't know how well you can see the chart (click on it to see it larger) but basically I have gained 8lbs over 20 weeks. Average is 12lbs so I am pretty happy with where I am tracking. I know now I will probably gain around a lb a week till the end (or more) which will put me around 28-30lbs. Most recommendations are around 25-35 a week (although my former LOSER doctor told me I could gain between 50 & 70lbs - I should have known at that exact moment she was coo coo for cocoa puffs) so I am feeling pretty darn good about my weight gain. I never go hungry and eat good, nutritious whole foods all day long.

Have a great week you guys! Work has been a little nuts for me but it should be slowing down a bit this week. :) Love you guys! Keep reaching for the stars!!



Marissa said...

Look at that little baby bump!! How exciting!!Great job on your weight gain! You are doing a great job!

Krissa said...

AWWWW!!! You look cute! I like the baby bump. I am glad you are feeling better. You are one fit momma! :)

LAT GIRL said...

Yeah I see the bump you look so good! Ok that 1st Doc was a little crazy 50-70lb weight gain ain't for the baby! I gained 26lbs with both babies and put it on mostly in the 3rd trimester. Your doing a great job Jessica!

Glad you are feeling much better, 1/2 way home mama!


Rochelle said...

Sorry to hear about your fibroids.
Be sure to avoid eating meat or poultry that contain hormones, that will make them worse! So go for the organic. Good luck to you...

Kelly Olexa said...

Wow. Those pictures are incredible!! You are amazing!! ;-) Be careful and keep me posted on the new doctor. Unreal!!

Health Girl said...

Yay for the bump! ;)

I'm so glad to hear you are doing better each day. It sounds like your new doc will be great. WTG on the weight! :)

noel said...

So glad to hear that things are going better. You look great.