Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whew! What a week!! And I heart you all!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to post a quick one....I am having one of the weeks I used to have...crazy, nutty, out of control with client requests and fast time lines. Today I had 7 hours of back to back breaks - thank goodness I pack my food eh??

I took today off from working out (hadn't had an off day in 2+ weeks) and I am really glad I did. Sometimes the body just starts to get overtrained and a day off can be JUST what the doc ordered! My body is saying AHHHHHHHH.

I will post this weekend with baby bump pics but if I don't do it BEFORE Valentine's Day I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day! If you have someone special in your life, make sure they know you love them and take the time to show them how much. Be grateful for all the people in your life that you love....if you DON'T have someone in your life, then give yourself some love. After all, if you don't love yourself how can you expect someone else to love YOU?? :)




Julie said...

Enjoy your last Valentines Day as a family of two ~ this holiday takes on a whole new meaning when the kids come - every holiday does. New traditions, new fun, lots of love!

Have a LOVEly weekend,

Stef said...


Kelly Olexa said...

YOU are my valentine!! ;-)

Jody said...

I love my cherub! I miss you baby!

Krissa said...

You must still be crazy busy. I hope you two had a great valentines day together.

You are rockin this pregnancy. You make it look easy :)

Krissa said...

Does Jody still have a blog? His link wouldnt work just now. Maybe just an error.

How is the Iron Man training going?