Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Vlog - Belly Button Ring and Wkly Recap!

Happy Easter everyone! My first VLOG in a long time - almost 7 months! Video baby bump! :) And I had just finished my workout so red/sweaty face - if you could ONLY smell me too! And check out my new belly ring!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I have to give a HUGE shout out to my hubby for his last two sporting events. He did the Hogeye half marathon last weekend with his goal of 1:44 minutes. He finished 1:44 minutes and 44 seconds. He did awesome!! Then THIS weekend he did a duathalon which consisted of a 3 mile run a 19 mile bike and a 3 mile run. His goal was 1:40 or less and he did it in 1:37!! Would have gotten top 3 in his age group had it not been a ten year age group. Normally age groups are 40-45 but they did 40-49 this time. He did AMAZING!! I am so proud of him. NICE JOB BABY!

I have been asked a lot lately if Jody is having any sympathy symptoms with pregnancy and he is but you guys are going to DIE when you hear what they are: pregnancy hemorrhoids. No joke. Now, I haven't had any hemorrhoids (sorry for those of you out there this grosses out - for those of you who have had kids - you know hemorrhoids are a reality for most pregnant women) but I thought I had one and read a bunch about them and they talk a lot about them in my pregnancy books. So all of a sudden the hubby starts saying he is having hemorrhoids. Too friggin funny. :) Thought you guys would get a kick out of that!

I am feeling pretty darn good....definitely starting to feel like the 3rd trimester is upon me - heavier belly, sleep not as easy, back hurting. And then the other night I realized that the baby could be here in as little as 10 weeks. Holy crapper. Weight gain is still at 11-12lbs - will need to weigh myself tomorrow morning. Again, feeling pretty good about everything since two pounds a week over the next 13 weeks would only put me at my original goal of 30lbs and I can't imagine I will gain 2lbs a week for the next 13 weeks but who knows. The body is a wondrous thing!

One thing pregnancy has done for me is force me to plan my workouts better and be more dilligent in keeping records. I don't know why I wouldn't have been more diligent at this previously but I just haven't been....with pregnancy it is fun to see what I'm accomplishing. And I had a long talk with a guy at my job who told me his wife ran and worked out in all of her pregnancies and she breezed through delivery - pushed the kids out super fast. How cool will that be for me??!!! :)

Here is my recap for this week - a pretty good one overall:

Week of April 6th:
Monday: Treadmill, 2% incline 6MPH jog 45 mins AM; Shoulders PM
SPIN 60 minutes AM; 70 minute Body Pump PM
50 minutes Precor PM w/10 minutes abs PM
SPIN 50 minutes AM; Body Pump 50 minutes PM
60 minutes upper body circuits, 45 minute run treadmill 2% incline 6MPH 45 minutes
Sunday: 45 minutes leg circuits followed by 45 minutes of cardio kick boxing (Cathe Legs & Glutes + Kick, Punch & Crunch cardio premix)

Running Weekly Totals:
6 cardio
5 lift: 3 Body Pump; 2 lift
0 stretch
1 days off

Have a great week everyone! Keep rocking your goals! You are ONE STEP CLOSER!!

Love you guys!


Fuma├ža said...

Oh My God. That was such a sweet clip. You look so darned beautiful. Im so happy to see you pregnant! This is truly exciting. I loved your video. Please do more of those, baby! Miss you like crazy. have a wonderful week!


Kelly Olexa said...

OMG OMG OMG Cute overload. So happpapyyyy for you two!!


EM :) said...

JESS (And Jody, And pablo in the background; and baby, of course)


I'm so excited for you and Jody to do P90X post baby! And yes, my hubby doesn't exactly love the yoga, either! FUN TIMES, THOUGH!!


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!! LOVE the belly! Can't believe it's just around the corner, time moves so quickly. So happy it's all going so well. Hope the Hubby feels better too, poor thing.....

Tressa said...

looking damn good!!

Ramsay said...

What's it going to be? We need to know!

Sherry said...

I don't know anything about your birth plan, but when I had my babies, they made me remove all body jewelry in case they had to go in and do an emergency c-section or anything like that. I don't know how quickly belly bottons heal up. I had mine done 3x but once I took it out, I never intended to put it in. I was able to take out my tongue ring and put it back in days later. Anyway, you might start looking for a plastic belly button ring just for delivery purposes so you won't have to risk the hole closing!

April said...

I'm a little late LOL! You are so stinkin cute!! I think that's what my stomach looked like when I got back from the cruise ;)

I'm sure you've read that the first 6 months after pregnancy is the best time to lose the weight! Most women slack then because they are tired etc...but it's the most important! upper body is rockin!