Saturday, September 13, 2008

35 Years

Hi all! If you have visitied my blog much you know how grateful I am for the things I have in my life and my gratitude increases on holidays or during special is my 35th birthday (WHOA) and I want to share with all of you some (as I am sure I will forget some) of the things I am grateful for and have been during my 35 years. :) 

I am grateful for... husband - my soul mate, the love of my life, my best friend, my all. I found him after 30 years but have never been happier. family - I have the BEST family - my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brother, my aunts and uncles. And the BEST family in-law - I am so blessed to have the best in-laws in the world - funny, loving, unconditional. friends - Leanne, Amber, Angie, Maya and more - and my blog friends you guys are so awesome. Without you I wouldn't have the support I have to acheive my dreams. health. Need I say more? :) job - I do something I love with people I love and am well compensated for it. 
...achieiving a few of my lifetime goals - competing in a figure compeition and placing first. 
...having the resouces to travel. 
...loving LIFE. Life is wonderful and I love it. 

Anyhoo, the main point here is that if you live in a house with running water and electricity and are healthy enough to exercise every day and can eat healthy food - you are in the minority for people in this world. So be grateful for everything you have...we are all so fortunate. 

So, I had a great week.....and I am mean that in the overall sense. Got in some great workouts - ate pretty good except for yesterday (they brought me a birthday cake from Cold Stone and I was training someone all day and missed two meals :(). We are getting hit with hurricane Ike as a tropical storm tonight and tomorrow so it will be NASTY here. NASTY. Jody's triathlon is probably going to be cancelled. 

I did my first workout of the day - plan on doing leg circuits later and then do some upper body circuits later as well. 

23 days to Mexico! :) 


P.S. Have an AWESOME weekend everyone! 

P.P.S. I stole my friend Kelly's idea of having a bad ass fitness picture on every post (when she isn't posting a Jason Statham video clip :)) - love this! 


EM :) said...

WISHING YOU A FAB, HAPPY & HEALTHY 35th YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CELEBRATE LIFE! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visionquester said...

Happy Birthday Jess!!!! Hope you have a blast.


Kelly O said...

It is true, I am obsessed with Jason Statham. After meeting too many men that are "real" (i.e. not a celebrity that is 2000 miles away) and turn out to be morons, I think I will focus on my workouts and just dream of Jason. MMMM.

Hee hee
Girl I love your post about being thankful, we are all so blessed aren't we?
Happiest Birthday my friend, so glad you are in my life!!

You are awesome!!

Fuma├ža said...

Happy birthday! I love you!
That is a beautiful message!