Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations Jenn Gates!

A HUGE congratulations to Jenn Gates for her first Olympia win! Congrats Jenn! So, I do have to give Jenn a huge shout out for her victory! She is amazing! 

As for Jenny Lynn, I am devestated (Cynthia - insert eye roll here :)). Here is the scoop - Jenny looks like she came in softer. And the NPC judges are rewarding softer looks...Jenny came in softer but still looked great. I will be interested to hear what her thoughts are about how she came in and if she felt good about how she looked. I was suprised they rewarded the harder looks at the Olympia based on how they seemed to award at other shows. She didn't look as confident as she normally does and even a little shaky. Wierd. 

Would love to get everyone elses thoughts on this...let me know what you think! :) 

I had a good week of workouts although I fell off the wagon toward the later part of the week. Here is how it broke down: 

Week of Sept 22nd
Monday AM: Upper Body Circuits w/focus on chest and shoulders/core; run for 20 minutes - 90 minutes total
Tuesday AM: 5 minute warm up, HIIT intervals 1 minute at 6 minute mile/2 minutes at 10 minute mile for 8 cycles follwed by 30 minute jog - 60 minutes total
Wednesday: AM: High intensity leg circuits - 90 minutes followed by 20 minute jog
Thursday: OFF 
Friday: AM: Upper Body Circuits w/focus on chest and biceps - 40 minutes followed by 20 minute jog
Saturday: 6 mile run 
Sunday: Leg circuits w/Amber - WOO HOO! 100 minutes! Whew! 

Have a great week y'all! ROCK IT OUT! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Chica.....I did think Jenn or Zivile would take it. And I like you admire JL. But I hear that Presentation was an issue, ill fitting 1-piece, color off and nervous posing. But she is human and any athlete that qualifies for the O is special in my book.

Jody said...

I think Kelly Ryan should pump up and then make a come back! She would get they sympathy vote for sure!

Kelly O said...

Are the judges this difficult and shifty with the men? I'm so new to competing and the whole arena but it seems like, how can you win, you never know what they are looking for....

Jessica said...

My love, you are hilarious. I think she will be VERY fit when she gets of out jail. ;)

Cathy - I guess i am just not a fan of Ziville's body or look - never have been. I also heard Jenny had some issues with her look and posing. I watched the replay and she was shaking.

Kelly, I don't think so....BUT judging is VERY subjective and you need to be fully prepared. The NPC issued a mandate for softer looks and that happened at the NPC level and some pro shows but not all of them. :(

Krissa said...

By looking at the photos, she looks like she was posing too hard. She did not look natural which is not like her because her posing always seems so effortless. I dont know what happened this time. She did look pretty but it wasnt her best package.