Saturday, September 20, 2008

Workin for the Weekend

Happy Saturday everyone!

I have had a decent week of workouts - I didn't get in a workout yesterday :(. My crew threw me a birthday party Thursday night (happy hour) and I didn't get home until late so I was sleepy Friday morning and didn't get up for my morning workout. And my in-laws came into town early and we all went to dinner at Bonefish. Yippee! But I missed a workout and am planning on making up for it today.

I haven't gotten in as much cardio as I would have liked as well this week but I am just flexing with my schedule and being ok with everything - if it happens, it happens. :) Stressing it out over my workouts it just NOT work it to me.

I did want to share with everything the most awesome lunch bag EVER! I think I have posted a couple of times on lunchboxes/bags and have commented on how awesome and important I think they are to eating success. Well, I have found the best of the best and I can't say enough good things about it. It is called the StaxSystem and it is perfect.

Here is how it works:
It comes with 18 containers - 6 for proteins, 6 for veggies and 6 for carbs. I don't use the containers for the proper foods - I just use them to store my food. They stack on either side of the container and in the CENTER fits a perfect gel ice pack that just slides down directly. And on the top it has space for dressings, spices, condiments, etc. Here is a video that explains it better.

It is a bit pricey and yes, I am sure you could buy the containers and timer, etc. but the way the lunch box is designed with side entry, continers on the top and section for the ice pack in the center - it was designed by a body builder. You can order it here:

Anyhoo, I use the timer (I know silly but when i am crazy at work it is awesome for busy days) and LOVE how practical it is. I use to DIG around inside my lunch bag and get aggravated all the time with multiple ice packs, etc. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Did I mention I love it? :)

So I just finished an AWESOME upper body circuit workout (90 minutes) and I am going to do legs tonight followed by some sprints and then a job. Want to do two a days today and tomorrow to make up for missing two days this week. Plus on the weekends I can really get some rest.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone! More tomorrow. Not sure the countdown to Mexico but it is COMING UP and I can't wait!



Kelly O said...

Rock on sistah!! Where are you guys stayin in Mexico? Me and my friend are planning a trip, can't wait!

Jody said...

Nice lunchbox!!! That thing is crazy! Your hubby loves you! Mas Grande!!

B said...

oh I like that!