Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Recap

What up y'all! :) 
Had a great workout week...summary of workouts below. Planning on another awesome week this week as well. Food is going to be key - which should be a snap since I got a hard boiled egg maker for one of my birthday presents! Yeah! :) 
Anyhoo, we have 3.5 weeks (24 days) until the beaches of Mexico and I am going to look as good as I can....:) Have I said that enough??? 
Plans this week are the same as last week - get in kick ass workouts every day and make sure my eating is ON! Oh yeah. 
Week of September 8th

Monday: Lower Body Circuits - 1 hour AM; 6 mile run PM
Tuesday: Upper Body Circuits - 1 hour AM; 30 minutes HIIT on bike 2 min intervals
Wednesday: Upper Body Circuits, Abs, Core; 30 minutes HIIT on bike - 1 min intervals; 105 minutes
Thursday: 30 minutes interval circuits - 2 minutes at 6.5 MPH, 30 second squat hold, 90 seconds at 10MPG; 20 minute low intensity jog
Friday: OFF
Saturday: AM 30 minute HIIT intervals - 30 seconds 6 min mile (15 seconds ramp up to 30 second sprint); 90 seconds atw 10 minute mile so each set is 2 minutes; 20 minute jog with dog; PM Upper Body Circuits with Core: 75 minutes
Sunday: AM core circuits & drills - 90 minutes including warm up and cool down

Have a great week everyone! 


Kelly O said...

Get it girl! You are rockin!!!

Krissa said...


Glad to see you back at it sooo hard! You are killing it!

Visionquester said...

Hey Jess... I have been trying to think about who your physique reminds me of... I just thought of it..

Jelena!! Yes you have quite the tiny waist which will be great for your career in Figure.

Go get it girl... love the pics and glad to hear that you have some peoples to delegate to now.

Take lots of pics in Mexico for us.


Jessica said...

Hey ladies!

I am trying to rock it Kelly - I can see you are! :)

Krissa, miss you girl! Thanks for the bday wishes!

C-you are so crazy! That is probably the HUGEST compliment that my physique reminds you of Jelena's! Thank you so much! And yes, I do have a career in figure. :)

Will be taking lots of pics. Lots.