Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Recap and Congrats Gina!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know Gina Aliotti did as she took first place in the Tournament of Champions - a precursor to the Olympia coming up NEXT WEEKEND! I am so excited for all the ladies but as you know, Jenny Lynn is my favorite I can barely stand it! The show is on Friday with the winner announced on Saturday! I have a really good feeling about Jenny this year - I think Gina has a great physique but with the softer look they are going for this year I think Jenny's genetics are better for it. Visionquester, chime in here if you wish! :)

Here is the Jenny/Gina comparison from last year....The thing i REALLY like about Jenny Lynn is her feminine lines and frame - I feel like Gina is stockier and not as feminine. I love her tiny waist and her softer lines. I know Gina is second in line I just feel like unless Jenny changes her look drastically, she will continue to win it. I put up a poll on the right hand side of the screen so you all can vote on who you think should win.
Check it out and put your vote in TODAY!

I can't wait to see Cynthia on this stage one day...we ALL know it is going to happen. It is just a matter of when. You go girl!
I had a GREAT week this week for workouts - not as great as I wanted as I had TWO days off (not good) and some food situations that I couldn't really get out of. Here is a summary of my workouts:
  • Monday: AM 5 min warm up; HIIT Intervals 1 min at 6:40's and 2 minutes at 10 minute miles for 8 intervals; 20 minute jog PM 10 sets of 10 of bicep curls and shoulder presses - 200 total reps; 5 minute warm up and 20 minute bike intervals 1:1 ratio all out sprints to recovery.
  • Tuesday: PM Leg circuits followed by 20 minute jog - 90 minutes total
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: AM Upper Body circuits followed by 20 minute job - 90 minutes total
  • Friday: OFF (Grrrrrrrr)
  • Saturday: AM Upper body circuits - 90 minutes; PM 5 sets of 3 station squats - regular, legs together and sumo - 10 reps each w/70lbs on smith rack; bicep curls - 10 reps; lateral raises 10 reps followed by 6 mile run at 9 minute mile pace - 75 minutes
  • Sunday: AM HIIT intervals running - 5 minute warm up; 45 seconds at 6MPH followed by 75 seconds at 10MPH 10x; 20 minute jog

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the egg maker my dear friend Amber...she got me a hard boiled egg maker/poacher for my b-day and I love it.

We have 17 days until I am lying on the beach with a drink in my hand....and I CANNOT wait. It will be like a honeymoon for me and the hubby. We had a really bad honeymoon - long story but the couple we went with (had been on 6 other trips with them and had a wonderful time) decided to have a melt down after 20 years of marriage and didn't tell us about it until we figured it out on our own due to the tension and general miserable nature of the two of them. Fun times. So this will be our trip....a celebration of our love. I know, sappy.

Have a great week all!


Kelly O said...

Girl I am in love with Jenny too! I just ordered her awesome DVDs after getting them from Netflix!! She rocks!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know the girls names so I can't vote. I'm kind of new at this. :(

Jody said...

I vote for my cherub!

Visionquester said...

I'm with Isaac on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chica! You sure got back to the posting big time!
A happy Belated Birthday to you Jess. About the "O" one will have JL's V taper. She has always been my personal fav too. But I did think Gina looked good at the TOC. Guess we will all be on the edge of our seats!


Visionquester said...

Hey Jess,

Are you competing at National's in November???


Anonymous said...

After the pre-judging, IMO I liked Zivile and Jenn G physiques the best. Guess tonight we will see!