Sunday, November 4, 2007


Since it it Sunday, I thought I would post about faith.

I have faith that even though I don't see immediate results, the fat will come off.

I have faith that my hard work and heavy lifting in the gym will add muscle mass and show through in my improved physique on stage.

I have faith that the clean food I eat today will get me to the level of leanness I need to be at come show time.

I have faith that the hours of cardio will bring me in as tight as I need to be.

I have faith.

Too tired for the full week recap - did a 70 mile bike ride this morning (after legs on Saturday afternoon - NOT SMART). Four hours on a road bike will definitely teach you about faith! :) Will do a week recap and weekly goals in the morning!

Keep the faith all!


Anne said...

I know I have faith in you!

Anonymous said...

70 miles! WOW! I am impressed. Actually, I think you are nuts but impressive too. I cannot imagine being on a bike for 4 hours! My future hubby is going to do an Iron Man next summer. It just seems like torture to me.

With that dedication, you will get the fat that you think you have off in no time.

Have a good Tuesday!

:) Krissa

Anonymous said...

One more thing, actually 2. You should post some recent pics so we can see all the progress that you will make.

I was looking back through your blog to see if you had posted any pics and I saw the one with the pink shirts. That is sooooo sweet of your husband. Awesome support!

: ) Krissa

Jessica said...

My sista - thank you for having faith in me! I am muffin top central right now so my faith is definitely low. The only thing that is keeping me sane is that I am getting strong and hubby says I am getting bigger (in a good way).


Girl, thank you so much for the kind words! 4 hours on a bike is NUTS! Definitely my longest time in the saddle - ever. My hubby has done two Iron Man' I guess it must run in the industry...crazy fitness girl hooks up with crazy fitness man! :)

And we are going to start taking monthly pics. First ones will be tomorrow night! Great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,I love your blog. I know how dedicated and disciplined you are with the figure competition. Our whole family is in awe. What others don't know is how wonderful you are in everything else. You are the queen of personal relationships. You are also my walking encyclopedia of music, books, authors, computer and phone stuff, psychology, diet, excercise, and plain old good stuff. You are special. Your other Mom, Bette