Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Memory Lane...Two Weeks Out + Bad Blogger

I know, I know - it's been almost a whole week since I blogged. I am such a bad, bad girl! Work was crazy again last week (third week in a row) and then we went out of town last weekend to visit some friends. We left Thursday night and planned on taking Friday off but ended up working all day. Planned on working out while out of town - not so much!. The cool thing that I am still gaining mass. I was checking myself out in the mirror at the gym and my shoulders are getting bigger - more dense. My quads are definitely showing more definition and biceps are bigger. This is a good thing....and yes, my fire is back as well although it is not a full fire yet but just a the fire that is in the fireplace right after you light the paper and the wood - there is that big burst of flames and then smolders down a bit...I am smoldering.

Great leg workout today (Fike - my back is better - off me). I did 8 different exercises...all on my home gym (which is bad ass by the way)....laid on floor and used my feet to push up on the smith rack, sumo squats with heels up, forward facing hack squats, good mornings, lunges, quad extension, hamstring extension and a deep sumo squat. Awesome. Did 20 reps using both legs, did 15 on single...kept heart rate up for the full 75 minutes...did three super sets.

I had an epiphany about my body last week...I was looking at one of the guys in the gym who has "Annoying-Gym-Rat-Syndrome" or AGRS. This syndrome is characterized by a large, over sized upper body and itty bitty legs. It is clear this person spends hours in the gym....but he only focuses on his upper body because that is where is sees the most change. Then I thought to myself...what are you getting so annoyed with? You are doing the same thing! You complain about your hips and glutes and abs and yes you focus primarily on upper body. I have AGRS. Rats! Not cool.

In Oxygen's Glutes issue earlier in the year Carla Sanchez had a training program called Booty School. Basically it is 3 days of glute focused cardio and 3 days of glute/leg, high rep training. Her argument is that women carry their fat in glutes and legs and therefore women have to work harder to keep it off and keep it tight. Duh. I am avoiding training this area because I know it is the hardest to change. As a result, I am sending myself to Booty School!

And to make Krissa happy, I am including pics from last year when I was two weeks out. Which just goes to show you the body is an amazing thing during that last two weeks of manipulation!

OH! And I got my heart rate monitor back so that is super cool! I can tell my workouts have already gone up a notch!

Check back often over the next couple days...I will be posting daily through the weekends! Accountability! I found a direct correlation to blogging and workouts as well as keeping my workout journal and working out! Go figure! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Em said...

GLAD YOU'RE BACK! YAY!!! Have a great Thanksgiving, and hopefully a four-day weekend holiday with plenty of working out! I'm with you, when I have time off, look out, I spend lots of time in the gym. Just because I can. :)
TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to feel guilty and therefore not do any excercise at all or feel guilty and go do something - anything! :) You are such an animal. I know how good it makes you feel to be on track, so I'm really cheering for you. I can see your body changing. Go Jess.

Power Authority said...

Um- Nothing like training an already stressed back.. RRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr... do NOT get me started... Consistency is key. You are looking better and bigger. You need train legs, but havent I piled you up about that in the past? hmmm, Yes! Excuses about HOME workouts and all the intensity you have there.. Beautiful! Ok... I appreciate you being real and honest with yourself. I am happy the contest was pushed back as well. Now you have more time to be larger and leaner, that makes me happy.... Rock on - And Happy Holidays!