Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mass, Mass, Mass

Fikenator...this one is for you:

This thing happens...when you are building get bigger. I know, I know - hello, it seems like I/you should know this - hence the idea of building mass. You build mass, you get bigger. The problem is, as women, getting bigger is not so much fun. Getting bigger means your clothes are tighter - you feel fuller - you feel fluffier. And when your goal is building mass, all these feelings should make you feel like you are accomplishing your goal - of building mass. For me, building mass unfortunately also means a muffin top. My hubby, who is my biggest fan, says I look great - better than 99% of the female population - but it still doesn't change the fact that feeling fuller & fluffier is say the least. The key, is to be happy about feeling those things because it means when I strip all of the fat off my frame, I will look better than I did before - rounder, fuller, more cut.

I am working my legs a lot more this time than I did last prep...I know it is needed but doesn't change the fact that my pants are tighter through the quads. Again, that will mean they will look better, fuller...more cut.

Ok, so this is my new mantra - instead of feeling like finding some type of ledge to jump off when my clothes are tight, I will high 5 myself and feel like I am accomplishing what I am here to do! BAM BABY! Progress is good. Progress is key. Progress = success!

Have a great weekend! Week recap tomorrow! :)


Power Authority said...

You got it..
Your clothes should hit tighter in the legs, upper back and shoulders area, get used to it.. It is where you are going.

So are you finished or are you going to do another HEAVY set? -Thats what I thought! 1 more set of 6, and lets add 10lbs!

EM :) said...

Seriously, I couldn't agree more!!!! Grrr, talk about a love-HATE relationship with this thing they call "bulking." I'm sure men love the process, we women, on the other hand.....not fun, but pertinent fo SHORE! :) :)
It'll all make sense in the end when we have a fuller, more cut body to ROCK ON STAGE!!!!!!!!
HOLLAAAAAA~!! ha, ha
keep it up!

Jessica said...

Em -

We are totally on the same page on the bulking frustrating! I know it will all make sense but for now - GRRRRR with a capital growl! :)
Thanks for checking in!