Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Busy Days

Today I was slammed with work...NON-STOP worked for 2 hours before bed last night and then another 1.75 hours in the am (got up at 5am) BEFORE I got to the office and didn't leave until 7pm tonight. I only got in a lunch lift so today will be my planned rest day - no cardio. I am also going to carb up before I go to bed tonight with oats and a half a sweet potato. I have been feeling really lethargic and it feels like my body is reacting more negatively to the low calories than I had originally thought. So by adding a couple carb up meals a week and supplementing with flax seed oil and omega -3's my body should release some fat. Now, while I am bummed I didn't do cardio today, I also have to be realistic and allow my body to rest. I did eat clean all day (maybe not enough but clean).

Here is a pic of Jenny Lynn - my hero. She is amazing. This is her back stage before her victory (again) at the Olympia. I have pictures of her all over my house (pantry, computer, etc.) and they help me stay motivated on my ultimate goal. I subscribe to her forum and she is so dedicated to her ultimate goal. She is taking off a full year before the Olympia in 2008. Most competitors do multiple shows but she doesn't want to take a chance at losing mass.

This weekend will be full of cardio and lifts! Can't wait (wow, did I say that out loud).
Peace out y'all!


EM :) said...

HI JESS! Yep, Jenny Lynn....what else can you say, she's phenomenal!!!
I read you went to Phat camp, that's so awesome, I'm going to the Phoenix camp this Jan. Have you thought of doing Fitness????
Way to listen to your body. Supply it some carbs, then bust out some bad ass workouts! Saaaaweeet!!!
Train hard!!!!!!!!

Power Authority said...

Jenny Lynn is tough!