Saturday, November 24, 2007

Get Down with the Sickness

Jody got sick on Friday...I loaded up on Vitamin C and drank lots of water and today I woke up feeling like I had Jay Cutler sitting on my sinuses. Not so much fun. Clearly my husband has passed the cold torch.

I thought today's post could be about training while sick....I have read much about train or not to train, that is the question. Since I don't have the flu and can keep fluids down, I can workout - just not at the same intensity level. I am going to go for a nice slow run...outside...fully protected from the elements and see how that treats me. And then later this afternoon after lunch, I will lift arms and possibly even light legs. I know it won't be at my regular level of energy but anything is better than nothing right??? Right?....:)

I have a 10 day challenge starting on Monday: increase intensity in all my workouts. I was thinking of the one thing I feel is missing (intensity) and how I can increase it and I just thought it takes 10 days to start a habit - why not increase my intensity for 10 days and then I will be locked and loaded!

Since I am sicky...I am going to save my energy for working out (and entertaining my family who is here celebrating Thanksgiving) and cut this blog short.

Thanks for stopping in and to quote my fellow blogger: Focus on the Fit not the Fat! :) Yeah!


P.S. Addendum - PM: I am officially sick. Toast. Sinuses killing me. Glad I got in an hour long run earlier this morning before I got really sick. 10 day intensity kick may not be able to begin on Monday. :(


Anonymous said...

ITS ABOUT FREAKIN TIME! PICTURES! Just kidding. Actually, its about time that I get on your blog! I have been slacking and honestly, eating terrible so your blog pumped me up.

Those pics: You look sooooo good. Is that your home? It looks beautiful too.

Sorry that you are sick. Sinuses trouble can really bring you down. It makes you tired and pissy--or at least it does me. I have an ear infection right now and it is making me irritable. But you are right: we are healthy and I am so grateful for that. I really liked your thanksgiving blog.

So what do you do for HIIT on the bike for 45 minutes?!?!?! I dont think I could last that long!

Hope you feel better!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have fully recovered from the crud! And hopefully you will have a slower week at work.


Jessica said...

Krissa -

Thank you so much for your kind words. I actually stayed home from work yesterday b/c I felt so bad but went to doc...sinus infection. I hate being sick (did I mention that?) but mostly because I can't train! Argghh!