Thursday, November 15, 2007

Urban Adventure Race

Jody and I did an Urban Adventure race together last weekend and had a blast! It was a great 3 hour workout consisting of a lot of biking, running and yelling at each other :) but it was awesome! We took first place in our category beating our closest competition by over a half hour. The race required you plot coordinates on a topographical map and then you had to go to each checkpoint and get a sticker to verify....we started out on our mountain bikes and then spent the latter half of the race running. You were required to wear backpacks with a bunch of crazy stuff in it like an emergency blanket, poncho, etc. Results are at the bottom of the blow....we are team Ball and Chain. :) You know you love it!Sorry the pictures are so bad....I snagged them off the website.

Krissa - does this count
as a before picture??? :)

If I can
just get through the day today I will have lots of time for workouts over the weekend! This week has been crazier for work and last week was nuts. I can't wait for next week - when I have days off, I workout LOTS! So bring on Thanksgiving! Have a great rest of the week all!
Ball and Chain Team - Coed 1 2:52
On Your Left Team - Coed 2 3:24
Microgravity Team - Coed 3 3:56

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Anonymous said...

That is sooo cool. I have always wanted to do one of those races. I read about one that lasted 3 days and it was like a survivor race. Pretty cool. That is awesome that you both enjoy that stuff.

I GUESS those pics will work! :)
I really cant see you though but I will stop bugging you! I just like pictures. They motivate me.