Monday, November 12, 2007

Goals and Ode to Jenny Lynn

Over the last few weeks - oh heck, I mean since my competition (in June) - I have struggled with body fat, adding mass, etc, etc. My good friend Jason (the Fikenator) has to constantly remind me that my goals are to add body mass and lean out in such a way that I keep my hard earned muscle. Duh. Still tough to do. Sometimes it feels like there is an echo in here! :)

So, as I was struggling with the whole muffin top issue and kicking myself for taking time off from clean eating and consistent workouts and I really started thinking about stepping on that national stage. For those of you who don't know about it....go to and click on Contest Pics for all kinds of great pics from NPC and IFBB shows. When I look at the girls from past national contests who have received their pro cards, I know that is where to set the bar.

So I looked back at a couple of Jenny Lynn thoughts to get motivated..........

On her weight/body fat off and on season:
"Off season I generally run around at about 135-138lbs at about 15-16% body fat. For a contest I'm around 122lbs at roughly 7%. About half way through my contest prep my period stops and it comes right back the month after my contest.
I'd like to see you add 5-6 pounds of muscle during these 12 weeks. It takes time, patience and consistency to add muscle mass."

Then I also found the email she had sent me in response to my first contest pics....and this is what she said (I deleted the stuff she said about my suit, hair and make up for the purposes of this blog):

"OK, had a chance to check out your pictures. 1st show...great work! You have beautiful structure so it's just a matter of adding some muscle and leaning out more.

OK, here are the changes I'd like to see you make not necessarily immediately but in time:

· Posing needs some improvement...really practice is key here. Do it 30 minutes every night! Be able to pull lats out better, relax hands and look more comfortable.

· Muscle Development: back, hamstrings, calves, abs. Your shoulders look good!

· Conditioning: Overall need to be leaner…If you were 14% here I’d say 10-11% would be good. Probably about 6-7 pounds. Definitely need to bring your glutes in tighter but if you get leaner it will happen. Track workouts are the best way for me to get my lower body in shape. I carry much more weight on my lower body too…we all do as women..lucky us! Also for the immediate future I’d go to super sets and giant sets for your legs to help get them leaner. After this contest split your quads and hams.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions..let me know. And if I can help you in the future, let me know.


A) How sweet is she? Providing so many great comments while also giving me specifics about what needs to be changed.

2) HOLY CRAP! 6-7lbs of fat. Yeah, she is right. :(

In talking with Fikenator (you like how I bring it all back together??? You know you do!) we came up with the following:

Jenny Lynn is about 1.91 lbs of lean muscle (no fat) per inch while her weight fluctuates due to fat pre/post contest. Amazing. So, that means I have a lot of muscle to add - like 10 lbs or more really. I will have to wait till tomorrow to post Fikenator's exact mathal (new word, learn it - love it) equation...but basically, I need to pack on the lbs. I should be around 130 in my off season at 16% BF.

And my ode to Cynthia....I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog/vlog today on focusing the daily activities that you know will get you to your result instead of your result. Now that I know what I want the result to be, I just have to make decisions and choices every day to get the RESULT I want.

This is going to be fun times. Jody and I are doing pics in the AM (he is asleep already (yes, I know it is 9:45) AND I will also give you guys an update on the week last week.

Keep squeezing to get the juice - it is worth it!


Anonymous said...

Where are pics from your show located? I'd like to see them. Also, I want you to go to and look at the comparison pictures at the Olympia. Make sure you look at the comparisons. Look at the difference between Jenny Lynn, Sonia Adcock, Gina, Amanda Savell, and Jenny Gates. There is really nothing in common between these girls except that they made top 5.

Look at Jennifer Gates' behind also.

I competed at 115 for my first show (9% body fat) and 117 for my second show. My legs and bum leaned out a lot more for the second show even though I came in 2 pounds heavier.

Which National show are you doing?

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest thing ever!>>Running a race on your wedding day! That is too cute. You look really good in that pic too.

So has Jenny Lynn trained you before? She offered a TON of advice so I figured she must have trained you some. Am I wrong? If so, that is really cool of her to offer so much advice.

I am really thinking about scheduling a person training session with her because she trains at a gym about 30-45 minutes away from me. The sessions are not that expensive either. Now that I think about it, I will email her RIGHT now!

You are so detailed and seem to have this whole thing down to a science. I love this blog!


Anonymous said...

I love your countdown! It just gave me the idea to put a countdown in my kitchen so I will have to tear a day off every day which means I am reminded EVERY DAY!


Jessica said...

C -
I am going to send you a separate email...but to answer your question I am planning on Figure Nationals(Team Universe). I just found out the show is now in Sept instead of July - which is awesome - more time to train! Gotta update the countdown!

Krissa -
I haven't trained with Jenny before and I am SOOOOOO jealous that you live so close to her! She is super nice and very friendly. I actually purchased her critique my physique package ($20) and that was the email she sent me back. I thought it was well worth the money and we emailed four or five times back and forth. Let me know how training with her goes!