Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Halloween Trick of Treat

Trick: I weighed myself today and while I had lost about 1 lb from the week previously I went back up a pound today. This happened during the beginning of my last contest prep and although VERY frustrating I know that it is because I am lifting super hard and there is the balance in time between fat loss and increased mass. Good news is I am still 100% on track - no off days.


Treat: I entered a contest at my gym to win personal training with this totally awesome bad ass trainer - like seriously, she is the definition of a personal trainer - and she is also super sweet - anyhoo, the contest had three places: 1st = $500 session with her, 2nd = $250 session and 3rd = $125 session with her. Well, I WON 1st AND 2nd place! So, I am so totally excited!!!!! I almost screamed out loud when I heard the news! PUMPED!

Happy Halloween everyone and you can bet your bootay this muffin top is staying away from the Halloween candy...especially now that I know Debbie is going to be kicking my ass. :)


Anonymous said...

I just read every entry of your blog. And along the way I kept thinking of all these cool things to say in this message but now that I am here, I have fogotten all of them! Short memory.

First off, Wow. Your pic is great. You look fantastic. Second, you are too hard on yourself! 1.5 inches? Is that really that big of a deal?

I love Jenny Lynn too. I attended Jen Hendershotts Phat Camp in Nashville, TN. It was soooo much fun. She is a really sweet person and freaking strong!

I also love Beverly products. My qym is getting ready to start carrying them and I am soooo happy about that. Their Muscle Provider (chocolate) is to die for! I like to make brownies with it. Basically just powder, little bit of milk and splenda, and microwave it. It turns out like a brownie. Top with a dab of SF cool whip. Yummy!

Okay, that is all I have for now. Look forward to reading more and more.

Krissa :)

Jessica said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! You rule! I am so excited to have yet another person to share in this journey with me.

Yes, I am probably hard on myself on the 1.5 inches...aren't we all! But I guess when I think back to how hard I worked - man, it just feels like such a crazy feat to go even further but I have to keep reminding myself the pros have been training for YEARS. Like 15 years.

I went to Jenn H's Phat Camp too!!! Loved it! She is awesome. It was so motivating! Met a lot of great friends along the way!

My fav Beverly Product is Ultra Size with Naturally More (added protein) Peanut Butter mixed into a pudding. YUMMAY!

Can't wait to talk to you again!

Power Authority said...

Ok muffin top-
Read your bling bling- I have nothing to offer you; tomorrow expect a Twix! Kiddin', I am goign to laugh at you when Debbie is dragging you through the mudd hole of hell as she does everyone... I know you will kickass though. Maybe I will learn another thing or two from ya..

Together: Powering Up in Arms!
= The 'Anator'

Visionquester said...


Jessica said...

C - thank you girl! I wish you lived closer, I would train with YOU.

Nater - You are the hero. Thanks for all your support...truly. Yes, Debbie will kick my butt!!! She is crazy but I can't wait!