Saturday, October 13, 2007

Visual Goal Setting (Without a Design Program)

After (Nationals in 08)

So, I have no design programs nor am I artistic at all. HOWEVER, I am mean with Microsoft paint and did a before and after pic of what I want my body to look like for nationals. You can all laugh at me but this is how I motivate myself. :) I basically just used a flesh colored paint to fill out my shoulders, arms and traps and then used black paint to make my hips and bootay look smaller. I think it is hilarious but it also gives me massive motivation. You can double click if you want to see it larger and laugh even harder at my after pic! :)

Peace out.


Visionquester said...

I just enlarged your picture and noticed that you have AWESOME Pecs....Do you do decline work?


Jessica said...

Thank you chica (I call all my female friends chica by the way)!!! What a great compliment from you! Yes, I do decline work and incline and just flat bench. In fact, I work out with two boys who make me lift super heavy chest (please note my comments to the Fikenator) but despite what he says, I think lifting as heavy as I have is why I have such developed pecs.

Power Authority said...

Yo - so since i see a bust out i will come back and say yes you have good striations. As I did point out with cable barrell pulls, you after alternating striations, thats why the appearance is some larger than others. BUT - as long as you dont have any internal feeling of irritation roll.. BUT, you have a huge need currently for shoulder work because your chest is advanced in comparison... Check it...